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Benefit for tornado victims in Columbia MS

"Don't ever forget where you come from." It's a phrase that anyone who's ever left the small town they grew up in to head to "big cities" and far away places in search of their own path is very familiar with. It was said to me more than 15 years ago when I left MS for my rocky mountain home. It permeates through all that I strive to do and say with my music and in the very way I live life. I essentially "come from" many places, as the memories and experiences that make a man go, but where I was raised is a small town in the piney woods called Columbia, Mississippi. (I was born in Picayune and I am from Morgantown but I was raised in Columbia. It all makes sense if you look at a map.) No matter where I travel to or settle at, Columbia will always be a close part of who I am. I learned to perform on the stage at Columbia High School and the good folks there were my first fans. I still get many messages of encouragement from people there and feel their pride in knowing one of their own is out there playing music for the world. "Just so long as he don't forget where he came from." Well friends, I haven't. A couple days before Christmas my hometown was hit with a devastating tornado which claimed 108 homes, 43 businesses, and 3 lives. My heart has ached over this as I've seen video and pictures of the devastation. However, people are working together there to clean up and rebuild and I want to do what I can to help from so far away. It is for this reason that am announcing a show that I never saw coming and an event that's gonna make fan's of the Westside Americana scene very excited. Saturday, February 7 at Manitou's Legendary Ancient Mariner: Joe Johnson & His Band (with special guest Conor Bourgal), Grant Sabin, & The J. Miller Band! I haven't played a show (other than last years Newsense reunion) in the joint where I got my start since 2009 and, thanks to the generous nature of my friends, this festival worthy lineup of bands is gonna make for a night you'll never forget.

Late Summer/Fall Tour 2014

Really excited to be heading down south in September. Been too long since I've been to the homeland and me and that muddy Mississip got some catchin up to do...