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Citadel Guitarist Goes All Loopy...

Citadel​ Co-Founder, Guitarist, Vocalist, Producer, Composer person, Rejyna​, in now an 'official' DigiTech​ Artist - http://digitech.com/en-US/artists/rejyna

Check out her recent crazy live looping videos to see part of the reason why... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h00aATQAULc&list=PLcuv7PDBbDe4wkiikQ4k4byFrbDoO08f6

Looptober Tour for Citadel Guitarist!

Citadel guitarist, Rejyna, will soon be embarking on a mini-tour of the Pacific Coast. Rejyna will be doing live-looping shows in Seattle, Portland, Danville (CA) and Santa Cruz (CA) and a visit to the RDuck radio show.

Check out these links for more info: Seattle: https://www.facebook.com/events/381359998620826

Portland: https://www.facebook.com/events/352601574838095

Danville: https://www.facebook.com/events/432590403522293

RDuck: https://www.facebook.com/rduckshow

Santa Cruz: http://y2kloopfest.com

Rejyna's Kickstarter was successful in raising the additional funds needed to make the Looptober Tour possible! [http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rejyna/looptober-tour-with-a-side-order-of-eco-gami] - Thanks Backers!

Along with her solo original songs, Rejyna will be including a few Citadel songs that she has revised for playing as a soloist in the live-looping style.

You can check out some of her videos at: http://www.youtube.com/user/Rejyna, she has her own RN profile at: http://www.reverbnation.com/rejyna and her page on Facebook is: https://www.facebook.com/rejynamusic

Congrats to Rejyna and here's hoping that when the mini-tour is complete, she will be able to finish the next Citadel CD...one can have hope!

Long time, no blog?

Hi all! There has been so much going on with the band members solo projects recently - more info later on that maybe...

So, for 2013, it looks like the long-in-process next Citadel CD will be completed - and whilst we do that, how about sharing our music with your friends, leaving a review here or one of the many other places you can find us - it really helps us spread the jams! Thanks and stay tuned!

R&R High Times FAN FREEBIE on ReverbNation!

ReverbNation Fan Exclusive! Here's a rocking new Citadel tune you can download for free from the newest CD - but only for fans on ReverbNation... and only for a limited time..

On this tune, you'll hear the full blasting 'horn section' as performed by Rejyna (who also covers the guitar parts) using the Godin midi guitar...

From the CD ~ Citadel ® ~ D'ANthologie 2 - Crosses or Crowns? Now available on iTunes, Digstation, Amazon and more and at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/citadel5 - Citadel now also has a cool .99 cent iPhone app to promote the new CD!

R&R High Times

What you're thinkin' what you're feelin' Well who am I to say... What you know and how you go doesn't matter for today? It's hard to realize the things you live for will soon be left behind The days go on now and you grow older you learn to change your mind

You been livin' in the high times Oh the fine wine I've had enough of hard line forcing rhymes

What I'm thinking I have feelings that don't get in my way The things I know are the things let go when I'm needed far away I've been lookin' for quite some time for a new place to stay Just listen to the winds of change they've got some pretty wise things to say

You been livin' in the high times of the fine wine Can you think of any rhyme so fine? You've been walking on the high wire Got your pretty finger in the fire? I've had enough of you and your heart's desire

No time for thinkin'? No time for feelin'? Now you've no time to call your own No time for drifting, none for dreaming you've a child, a man, a home As a passerby I thought I'd see you cry ‘cause you seem to be alone But your eyes were dry, I can't imagine why you said you'd always have to roam

You said you'd never leave the high times and the fine wine but now you've gone and changed your mind Oh yeah?

You said you'd never leave the high times and the fine white line but now you've gone and changed your mind

Said you'd never leave the high times but now you've gone and changed your mind

Drums, hand percussion - Dan Bass guitar, vocals - Kiki All other instruments, vocals - Rejyna

Citadel ® ~ D'ANthologie 2 - Crosses or Crowns? ~ Images, words, sounds © G. Whitman (BMI)

Citadel ® is registered US tradename - All Rights Reserved - Posted to ReverbNation by authors and owners. http://www.ilike.com/artist/citadel http://imglobal.ning.com/profiles/blogs/citadel-stacks-5-on also on CDbaby, iTunes, Amazon, Napster, PayPlay, DigStation and many more...

New Citadel Song On ReverbNation!

The new Citadel CD is in presale right now at CDBaby and DigStation but - ReverbNation folks can hear a cut right now! Check out the link below featuring "Soft Rock Another" - a little gentle piece that shows a softer side of Citadel. And, all the instruments on this cut are from Rejyna's Graph Tech Ghost Godin Freeway SA Midi guitar - except drums and vocals of course - check it out with other Citadel songs right here - on ReverbNation! http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/1635453

New CITADEL® CD - Pre-Sale $4 Hurry!

$4 DigStation Download Special continues! - really want you to get it at this special deal! http://www.digstation.com/citadel

CITADEL - 2 New Songs On ReverbNation!

Hi all! We've uploaded two of the songs from our newest release here at ReverbNation! You can hear the full-length 'Hard Rock Sermon' which is "Strong, hard, loud & fast with sharp edges & punchy preaching" or 'RUaWear' which is "Soft, floating, smooth, upbeat & encouraging social elicitation"


Hear the whole thing by downloading or buying it from www.cdbaby.com/cd/citadel4 - the first batch of CD's are embossed, numbered and hand-signed - Get 'Em While You Can!

CITADEL ® is a Registered U.S. Tradename. All Rights Reserved, Unlawful to Replicate, Distribute, Perform, Post or Exhibit without permission from Whitman Enterprises (W.E.) CITADEL Official CD Vendor and Distributor is CDBaby.com/all/citadel CITADEL Merchandise is at Cafepress.com/citadelband CITADEL Official Main Web Portals: CITADELband.com ~ CITADELsongs.com ~ CITADELmusic.org

CITADEL® HOT TIP - SongPlanet.com Bucks the Trend!

CITADEL® HOT TIP - SongPlanet.com Bucks the Trend!


SongPlanet.com Bucks the Trend!

With artists as famous as Prince and companies as large as Universal Music giving away their music, what would possess SongPlanet.com, a small Independent music site, to take the exact opposite approach and start requiring artists on their site to make their songs available for sale?

"We believe that great Independent music should be valued, both by the listeners and the artists themselves," says SongPlanet.com's founder and CEO, Christian McCarty. "If an artist doesn't think his or her work is worth a dollar, there is something really wrong with the music industry."

Last month, SongPlanet.com changed its policy for free artist pages and now requires the artists to make their songs available for digital download sales on the site.

"SongPlanet has always been different from the other music sites," explains McCarty. "We work collaboratively with the artists, and the focus has always been on creating a place where listeners could easily find exceptional Indie music for personal enjoyment or for business uses."

"The real difference," says McCarty, "is SongPlanet Radio, which has been on the air since 2003. We produce a radio stream with the music selected by our DJs, and our charts are based on those DJ plays. We're not a vanity site-the charts can't be gamed by the artists and their friends."

While many online radio stations have threatened to shut down over the pending increases in royalties, the legislation is not a concern to McCarty. "The change in royalties doesn't affect us," says McCarty. "We collaborate with the Indie artists by providing infrastructure and support to get their music heard, and they provide us royalty-free licenses. If any listeners are losing their favorite stations, we invite them to check us out."

A visitor to SongPlanet.com will quickly see differences from other music sites. There is no blatant third-party advertising, and even SongPlanet's own for-sale goods and services are downplayed. "I've never been accused of being an astute businessman," laughs McCarty. "I got into this because I have a passion for Independent music, and wanted to make a difference. If we ever make any money doing this, it will be because the artists are also making money. That's how it should be."

When asked how he'll know if his off-beat strategy is a success, McCarty said "When I have to hire someone to write all the royalty checks, I'll know we have accomplished our goals."



Additional Information: SONGPLANET SCOOP!

Contact: Christian McCarty Chief Executive Officer Phone: 206-755-0126 Email: info@songplanet.com

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Citadel® snacks in your Audiolunchbox

The Citadel® Audiolunchbox Arrival! What’s in your Lunchbox?