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New record is almost all recorded. Still have some tracks left to finish but all-in-all it is looking real nice. We are pushing the full length release up to October. Be on the lookout for album release dates in early October.

On the road with Burning Brides for a few dates this month and then in August we are hitting parts of the Midwest. Those dates are up on the board.


Lions alive and well

Yes.. Here we are. Alive and well.


We've scheduled a pretty hectic summer schedule with the Southeastern tour starting in late May. We're planning on finishing up the debut full length in June and July.. Then back out again in Aug / Sept / home / then CMJ (possibly).. Unfortunately, the record won't hit the streets until the first quarter of 2008 (Jan or Feb) .. I never thought signing a deal (which we're negotiating, so no official word yet) would entail such a lengthy process, but apparently I was wrong.. If all goes well with everything, we should have some good news to speak of within the upcoming weeks.

We've also been thinking about self-releasing an EP in Sept / Oct .. New material must get out..

VOLUME 1 INITIAL PRESS has SOLD OUT!! Fuck yeah we got rid of 'em on the road.. So a re-issue has been ordered and should be out and about in late May. The re-issue will feature some live tracks, and Austin K REMIX of System's Down and some cool new videos of the band.

We're searching for a new tour manager. Not much pay, but loads of fun.

MAY 18th and 19th 2007

18 EMOS (Austin, TX) / 19 Double-Wide (Dallas, TX) w/ RED FANG!!

It's about to get hot in Texas.. swimming and no shirts .. sweat like never before. Summer in Texas. Fuckin' summer.