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Ginger from the Wildhearts is in town to party it up and get some work done on the new songs.

UK TOUR - Starts this Saturday...

Everyone is ready to rule the UK. Getting shit packed. Flying out on December 3, arriving at the airport on December 4, picking up a ton of crap, and then the first show of the tour is on December 5. Just received a killer radio report from the UK...spins on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6music, Planet Rock, XFM...loving it. ROCK.

LIONS in Billboard Magazine / SXSW / Upcoming Tour Dates / NEW RECORD!

How goes the world? We never made it to LA, well, not yet. The record wasn't finished by the time we were suppose to leave (working hard) so we postponed the recording until after SXSW. We have tons of new material and songs that we'll be trying out next month in prep for making the monster 3rd record. We want it to be just right. It's heavy, aggressive, and quite massive as a whole. We begin pre-production with Matt Hyde very very soon. More to come. In other news, Billboard Magazine will be running a feature on us in the upcoming weeks. When it comes out, we'll post it up and let you know the issue and date. Oh yeah. Tour dates are spreading during and after SXSW. Check the show listing for complete SXSW info and show locations. NEW RECORD soon.. Looks like we're going to start recording the beast in May 2009. LIONS

Early 2009 - New Record / LA / SXSW

New Years Eve 2008 w/ Toadies up in Ft. Worth was by far one of the best we've had in years. Blowing champagne on the crowd was one of the highlights.. ah, the show too.. And on to 2009.. Scott Lucas from Local H is coming down in mid January to write a few songs with us and then off to LA to record the new record with Matt Hyde in late Jan thru early March.. We're busting to get this one out.. Tons of songs .. All different .. some massive, some small.. all good. We get back to Austin right before SXSW hits.. Some big shows this year for us during the festival.. Stay close on those.. Jan 24th, we'll be at Emos playing our last Texas show till SXSW.. Playing new songs.. Get out, get up.. LIONS

Rest of 2008 and into 2009

We will be playing a few shows in the remaining days of 2008. Please keep an eye on the schedule. We have most of the shows up with the potential for at least one more show to be added in December. January might have a few shows as well in order to preview new songs which will be on the new record. February will be off so we can temporarily locate to LA in order to record with Matt Hyde (Porno for Pyros, Monster Magnet, Slayer). Should be huge times. Then SXSW in March..... ROCK.

Late August News and Updates 2008

On tour with Toadies right now. Baton Rouge is as hot as you'd expect. Driving around in the van, west coast next week, loads loads of fun.. Oh, fuck. And the Riverboat Gamblers are here the next week with us. whew. On to the news.. September is a busy month for us. We're West Coast bound w/ Toadies through ACL. Also, Californication (Showtime) and Sons of Anarchy (FX) will be featuring LIONS songs on their upcoming episodes. Tune in to Sept 3rd premier of SOA as "No Generation" is rolling through guns and hills.. It rules. We saw the show earlier this week.. Well, if you like guns, bikes, drugs, and good violence. October is still being figured out w/ Europe more than likely staying as planned in November. Going to England. More to come soon.. Stubb's hometown show on September 3rd.. New merch! New blood. LIONS

Goings ons

June 12, 2008: Hey everyone! So, since the Local H tour ended a few weeks ago, we've been working on the new studio in Austin, TX. 100 degree weather and no AC as of yet, has made it almost fuckin' impossible, but it's starting to come around and actually look good. After the Toadies tour / Summerfest (Milwaukee) gig in July, we'll be heading back home for a few months to work on demos for the upcoming record. Two months of no touring / no shows, a strict regiment of new material, and the death heat of Texas. Toadies tour starts next week. Tickets are available online. Some shows have already sold out. Check the show page. We'll be at Summerfest this year on July 5 at 6:30pm. Vinyl of No Generation is now available for online purchase at our Myspace page or through Arclight Records homepage. Rocknroll

Guitar Hero 3 and Volume One

So Guitar Hero 3 is out. Who has played Metal Heavy Lady already?

Volume One will be up soon via SnoCap. You can purchase the the new album, No Generation, there. In the meantime, if you are looking for Volume One featuring "Metal Heavy Lady" you can get that at almost all digital outlets. Itunes, Rhapsody, etc...

Tickets for 10/6 @ Emo's in Austin, TX

Alright... Get 'em now.. Demand has been high.. limited capacity.. EMOS Oct 6th Online tix.. http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=210409 LIONS

Moving forward...

We are in the Midwest with month doing some kick ass shows in a bunch of new cities and with old friends. The Album is done and is titled "No Generation". Sounds real good and we are working on the art work now. October will definitely be the biggest month for Lions to date.