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Carolina Music Awards!

Hey folks! The record has been doing well and we've all been enjoying the past few weeks so much. Thanks for all of your support!!

In May, we received word that I had been nominated for the category of best "Rock Male" for the Carolina Music Awards! How cool is that!? The CMAs span across both Carolinas and it's truly an honor to receive the nomination. A good way to share this information it to join the event on Facebook, and you can share it with your friends!

The awards work as a people's choice sort of deal, so we need YOUR HELP (well, your votes, actually) to help me win this award! Please visit http://carolinamusicawards.com/cma/vote/ - all you have to do is type in YOUR email address, find "Rock Male" category and click on "James Ethan Clark", then scroll to the bottom of the page, enter the CAPTCHA they ask for, and you are DONE! Please please PLEASE help us get this! You are all so beautiful and wonderful- thank you for the continual support.

With love,

James Ethan Clark


This past weekend, our little town was graced by Rayland Baxter, Gabriel Kelley, their bands and closest friends. The show on Saturday was held at City Stage here in Wilmington, and Big Al Hall and The Marching Rams played with the guys on that bill as well. After the show ended, Big Al took him and his rams down to The Greenlight Lounge which is the basement of the City Stage building. After Al had been up for a while, Gabriel began to sing with him. Before we knew it, members of Gabe's band and Rayland's band were playing with him, along with Sean Thomas Gerard and myself on piano. We had a good ol' fashioned throw down, switching between different instruments and people dancin and sweatin underground. This all lasted a good 45 minutes.

The following night, myself, Sean, Gabriel, and Rayland had another show at the Greenlight. I'd like to thank all who came out on that rainy Sunday (irony?). It was great to play with such polished musicians once again.

Be on the lookout for updates on the RECORD.