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New Songs: I've had some time on my hands this winter so I've been researching/writing songs. There are many different ways that people write songs and since I'm self-taught, I don't know them. So now I'm deliberately going out of my comfort zone to try these new ways and they're pretty effective, I've got a solid list of new material this/last month.

Current Influences: My current playlists in rotation are based on producers instead of artists. I found a gem yesterday at the record shop that I'm stoked about, Version by Mark Ronson. I couldn't pass it up, it's not new but I read about this album for the first time, a month ago so it's new to me. Ever since I heard AW 'Back to Black', I've been intrigued by Ronson as well as The Dap Kings. In fact The Dap Kings may be my favorite band right now considering they're playing with Sharon Jones. Ah influences.

Cool Gear: Jack White's Third Man Records just introduced a pedal that I'm dying to demo. It's called Bumble Buzz, it's hand made by Chris Young from Union Tube & Transistor. It's basically an Octave Fuzz, I happen to love octave fuzz pedals.

New Shows: I'm booking solo gigs as well as gigs for The Honeybees and Cover Grrls so 2014 already looks busy on my calendar. Hope to see some new faces & places this year.



News update: Recently I attended the DMMC's Music University and it's lit a fire under my biscuits to keep my social media updated. So here I am and I'm excited for the coming months, so much is happening.

I'm looking to play some solo acoustic shows around town as a regular gig for the winter. I also have an album for sale that I'll have available at those shows.

I'm working on some new song ideas with Rae (The Honeybees) for the follow up record to Faders Up. We also have some pretty cool gigs coming up.

Cover Grrls are booking bigger and more diverse gigs, it's great to be in front of new crowds whether it's a wedding or a corporate gig.

I'm excited to start playing some gigs with Patresa Hartman, her songs are unique and captivating. It's inspiring me to push myself in a new direction with my lead style.



the studio time for whiskey nights & bright lights is completed now and will be ready shortly. meanwhile, i'm still writing. after a weekend of locking myself in the basement to write and record 'only this love', i've decided to begin recording another album, 'december'. original, i know..