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Happy Holiday Season

Wishing every one a happy Safe holiday & New Year!

New Jam NIght

Once a month, copious homes, studio's warehouses all over Melbourne open their doors to music jams. The next one is being held in Hallam with room for vocals, sax & percussion instruments.

Use contact form www.ninwintermusic.com for details & information.

Have a great week & stay loose.

Jam NIghts!

Back in Hallam this month March 5th - For booking availability , use contact for on ninwintermusic.com

Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone safe holidays & a prosperous New 2016

Mantra for the New Year! - Always remember your smarter than you think & stronger than you feel.

Stay Loose.

New online contact from www.ninwintermusic.com

I've created a new website & official online contact via www.ninwintermusic.com for all online correspondence please use contact form or connect with me on official Twitter, Google , Klout , Myspace, You tube, Yansi.com links.

Stay Loose & happy.

Reverbnation - Local charts..

Wow. Thank You for your support! Despite it all, Your wonderful support, feedback & clicks have kept my music samples up in the top 10 since 2011 :-)

New music on the way & Jams Galore with old & new friendships is the backdrop for 2015

No matter the challenges! , Doing what you love, & are passionate about always finds a way.

Stay loose.

Raising awareness

Thanks to Pro Active net users invasive spam-dexing raised cross links related searches & high indexed visibility benefiting approx 18 dead IP's owned by Meleotrope/ Brendon Ruddick (& typically while appearing inactive not configured up for sale , caught by resellers dropped & renewed by same owner since 2009 ) including talkwithteddy.com atozspeak.com williewinter.com buddiesrates.com buddyrates.com brendonruddick.com meleotrope.com biz speechbaby.com biz speechbabycity.com ninwinter.com formally owned wordstotheworld.com ezispeak.com talltalker.com & several other dead IP's heavily keyword spammed/ trashed in his care, suspended for abuse by ( Servage net in 2014 - incl typo bad IP, vn & O/S invalid tld etx spamdexing mostly self censored, removed wiped or search engine keyword & url restricted since 2015 & in the last 90 days visible on https://en.greatfire.org/SEARCH/GOOGLE-SEARCHES.

Blaming hackers for fabricating a web presence orchestrated by for & on his behalf, visible all over unrelated competitor keyword images & related results abuse, & similarly maliciously contriving & controlling a web presence on behalf & about people, viciously targeting & misusing archived dns, data, snooped social media hiding behind deliberately misinforming self output, cyber squatter savvy, default profiles, avatar microblogging stored & published from 1000's of hosts & aggregated removed sources is a sad way to spend ones time & given obfuscation since 2009 - 2013 newly forced links & targeted obtuse typical everywhere Meleotrope toxicity has impacted, on so many for almost a decade, despite repeated violations, magistrates warnings harsh ISP search engine restrictions, still leaving people cringing & defending against a malicious mindset, is a matter appropriate for Authorities.

As of August, 2013 despite the best efforts of Murrayville & Glen Waverly Authorities, Brendon Ruddick could not be located.

Intellectual property Organization is a Tribunal which dance to the tune of 'we're running out of IP's & fast becoming "jerk Alerts " by unsuspecting targets & celebrities , like Bruce Springsteen Celin Dion others who have lost domain name exclusive rights to the cyber opportunistic.

An old elaborately aggregated WIPO decision , (the only exploitable link) in favor of Brendon Ruddick Meleotrope decided by sole by panelist, Andrew F. Christie,( based on the first three rules) merely reflects a self serving response , & without moral obligation, fails to omit in its entirety an accepted supplement cross checked , submitted by lawyers which also included the The Respondent , had no legit or wanted affiliation provided a visibly doctored email as his only form of validation & was already subject to repeated AVO's which included the net) Speaks for itself.

Thanks for helping to keep the net community real & safe!

NO Doubt Karma, ISP & the law, will catch up