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Nin Winter / Blog

The Red Shield Appeal Monday 25th, May :-)

Volunteers from all over will be in the streets & knocking on your door. Give a moment, a thought & whatever token you can afford -

Stay loose.

Salvation Army -Door Knock Appeal coming up in a few weeks!

This year I've accepted to help with the Salvo's door knock appeal- A worth while reason to catch up with neighbors & community.

Reverbnation - Local charts..

Wow. Thank You for your support! Despite it all, Your wonderful support, feedback & clicks have kept my music samples up in the top 10 since 2011 :-) New music on the way & Jams Galore with old & new friendships is the backdrop for 2015 No matter the challenges imposed on us or obligated by life, Doing what you love, & are passionate about always finds a way. Stay loose.

2015 Jam

New 2015 Jam Night - in Hallam this Month, & set up for ten is already booked out. Wow! For Venue, & information regarding Net Month, Please, contact www.Ninwinter.co or catch up with me on Twitter / NinWinter Google.com/NinWinter facebook.com/Nin.Winter Stay Loose

new tracks.

New tracks recently performed with "Jumpbox" including, "" Shush Child" from "NinIan" released 2006 *****http://www.aria.com.au/pages/ArchivedAustralianReleases-April2006.htm ***** & some exciting new "feel" tracks including Promise & Celebration are already available via www.Ninwinter.co . Thanks for the support on Official links: Google.com/NinWinter http://person.yasni.com/nin+winter+1160095 Twitter: Nin Winter • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nin-Winter/198080270222750 reverbnation.com/NinWinter www.aria.com.au/pages/ArchivedAustralianReleases-April2006.htm Stay loose.

Ip ABUSE - Repeat offender Alert - Update.

18 cyber squatter domains owned by Brendon Ruddick (Meleotrope) were Susp by Servage Net for long time search engine spamming & Abuse Early 2014.

Brendon Ruddick, an identified user of Dns junk, hidden Ip navigation, proxy, no follow sub net ,keyword spamming ranking tricks, owns mostly variations of High traffic, business, IP's & a hand full of personal names, void of any legit raised links social or organic visual capacity ( locked since purchase, regularly made inactive dropped , up for sale ) continues to unlawfully , benefit, upload, act, & obfuscate responsibility seemingly confident long civil action is the only way to address a cyber squatter who benefits from , deliberately misleading, self serving, implemented invasive, reckless abuse & harassment of others.

Despite tiresome address, Magistrates warnings, website, url, search engine ranking & harsh ISP penalties, Brendon Ruddick continues to upload, benefit damage & impede for self serving gain, insulting the net intelligence of net users without regard or integrity, knowingly violating the privacy , rights & communities of others under false pretense.

Selective, mop ups, hidden ownership, changed hosts & selective domain registrations, raised non real time dns, boasting " no activity" clean websites & similarly ongoing abuse , moved, changed pointed abuse & heightened junk, still deceptively controlling where how & what you see all over anyone or niche targeted without legit source, is typical of offending Urls' a sad way to spend ones time.

A cyber squatter is an individual with nothing to lose, who buys a domain name , holds on to it in the hope to make money & easily spotted.

A cyber Stalker is some one who depends on anonymity afforded by the net, with the intention to , single out, control, intimidate, & embarrass their victims, without detection which is never normal legal or Ok.

The level , pattern & relentlessness of illegally derived, sourced created cross raised ,targeted abuse, associated with the toxic & artificial raised presence on behalf of Brendon Ruddick, www.brendonruddick.com & owned Meleotrope , domains in known violation since & whilst ownership of all domains in his personal care (which would otherwise have no legit raised visibility or cross visible, impact (about, let all over over everyone, else, including "protected persons ) for the last seven years is reprehensible , in Public interest & a matter for Police follow Up.

As of August 2013 & the best efforts of Police, Brendon Ruddick (Meleotrope) could not be sourced, conveniently relocating, evading serious stalking & aggressive net spamming allegations & a fair Magistrates Court Address.

Don't be fooled by A well spammed infamous 2010 the wipo.int/amc/en/domains/decision (,conveniently Scripted, & scraped how & where it suits) which, merely reflects the, Respondent, Brendon Ruddick, ( Meleotrope ) self represented response & fails to omit in its entirety an accepted supplement provided & cross checked by lawyers, which also included, the Respondent, has no raised legal, validated, ]or wanted affiliations as claimed, submitted a visibly doctored email purporting to come from the complainant & was already subject to stalking orders speaks for itself.

The World Domain Dispute Tribunal is not a court & base their decisions on three Rules which dance to the tune of of we're running out of Ip's which have become "Jerk Alerts " by Well Known celebrities & Aussie bands, raising awareness about what is presently a non superfluous Ip use assigned system.

No doubt, Karma, ISP , civil compliance & the law will catch up.

If You are concerned You are being bullied by what ever means, & More importantly if You are under 18 years of age, Seek support & advice from your School, Job, Family & Police.

Thanks for Keeping the Net, Real & Safe! Stay Loose & Positive