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Beating and fighting the daily grind of being a local musician.

So my main reason a writing this blog is, if I complete a blog our reverbnation profile will be at 79%. LOL! So with our album release coming up, its honestly one of the best feeling that I can have. Well, with the band. It is pure satisfaction. Accomplishment. The promotion has been good and kicked off with a bang. I know mostly musicians will read this and most likely will agree. Daily promotion of any show to normal, everyday people. Those that are not musicians, do not really get what excatly we go through. Our daily work, girlfirends, shitting, showering, shaving, eating, etc. THEN music. Writing, practice, promotion, selling tickets, meeting up with people, collecting money, photos, interviews. We honestly have almost THREE different lives. Those so called everyday people, have no clue. We work very hard at what we do. MOST will not buy tickets to our shows, then we see them at shows that cost $50.00! Hey Im all about support for the "national" bands as well. But when 3,000 other people show up to those events and 25 people show up to ours. We do take that as a slap in the face. Most won't express the feelings, some will. I guess the thing that I am saying is. Next time a local musician asks you to come out to a show. At least think about it! Don't just shoot it down. What's the worst that will happen? You'll have a good time? You will meet new friends or that potential "one night stand"? People have a perception on the metal / hardcore scene. A scene that will beat your ass if you look at them wrong. This is not true. Its family. People really do watch out for one another at shows. I have a couple young boys come out to the shows with their Dad. To say the least, they are LOVED! People know that those three have the best relationship that a father and kids can have. THEY HAVE A HELL OF A TIME EVERY TIME THEY COME OUT! And let me clear something up too... Just because I scream my ass off on stage, does not mean that I'm mad at the world. Granted the world is a piece of shit... We have very positive out look on life. We just want people to hear our music and feel the same.