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Im sorry, but do to legal reasons......

Im sorry, but do to legal reasons from one of the voices on my song Walk Away, I am forced to pull it. sorry itll be back and revised, maybe available privately to die hard collectors later this summer of 2014.

Big changes are happening

theres been a few changes both musically and in direction. major changes. im almost embarrassed about some of the past things I've done musically..... but I'm going to keep my past efforts available to all, because it's part of growth. Something to look back on. New work will be coming soon with a totally different concept based on things I've learned from some masters

The song "I Dont Care"


coming back to give you more. thanks to all

New solo project in the works now, songs that have been worked on for over a year are now being mastered, coming to life and being released....finally, after a two year hiatus, eddie is back in the saddle with the new solo album project titled Entity. Stay tuned for more free upcoming releases.!