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Blues at Greece Interview

Thanksto Michael Limnios of Blues at Greece for this great article he wrote about me in March! http://blues.gr/profiles/blogs/interview-with-blues-jazz-guitarist-alicia-marie-venchuk-an

KTV Interview

Hi everybody!! I would just like to share this cool article about me with all of you. A big thanks goes out to Tavin and Keyara of TDW News and KTV for asking me to do this. I had a wonderful time answering their questions! They run a great organization and I was quite flattered that they picked me to interview. http://www.tdwnews.com/?deeplink_referrer=socialB_facebook%2F#!Your-Fav-Keyara-Interviews-Alicia/c2285/72A87335-5F18-42FD-B033-925FF4F07F9A

Examiner Article

Hello, Just wanted to share this article! It was my first interview ever and a big thanks to Chelsea Lewis for asking me to do this! Too cool. Thanks everybody!


Radio Show ID

Tonight, November 11th, from 8pm until 12am, please tune in to Aujourd'hui le Blues CKIA 88.3 FM out of Quebec to hear some excellent blues and to hear me do a radio advertisement (station ID) for the show! Big thanks to the show's host, Richard Carr, for making this happen. I was quite flattered that he asked me to do this! So, if you guys have a moment, please check out the show and share this cool moment with me! Thank you, guys. You can hear the show at this link: http://stream02.ustream.ca:8000/ckia128.mp3.m3u

Big Dog Mercer and Alicia in LaPorte, IN.

Hello everybody,

I just wanted to share a video where Big Dog Mercer invited me to perform with him and his band in LaPorte, IN. I seriously had one of the best times of my life and I don't think anyone is more generous than my big brother, Marty. He always gives me the chance to play with professionals and he certainly gives me a ton of time to do that-many features and tunes with the band. I'm grateful for his genuine support of me and my music. I am really lucky to know him.

I'd just like to share a clip from my performance with him. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did performing with these talented individuals.


Reverb Redux-Reason for Refanning

Hello my fellow Reverberators, :)

I would just like to notify everyone of something very bizarre that happened to me a few days ago and I would also like to clear up why I am refanning everyone. Sorry for this inconvenience, but I'll explain. Okay, so... I went to check my profile, and I noticed that I couldn't access it, and it had been deactivated somehow. Being very alarmed and frustrated at my new findings, I had absolutely no idea what was happening and I was freaking out. I figured some crazy thing happened or I had been hacked.I still haven't figured what happened exactly. So, I then contacted customer service, who initially told me my profile was deactivated and there was no opportunity for recovery. It was then reactivated, miraculously (yes, not an exaggeration), a day later by a great customer service rep, Sam. He was able to recover my song plays and my bio, pictures, comments, etc, but my fan base and my songs could not be recovered. Thank goodness I could partially recover this site- the idea of rebuilding it from the ground up was nightmarish. So, anyway, I will finally get to the point. This is why I'm fanning everybody again. I'm not spamming or anything like that. I appreciate your cooperation with me and I definitely appreciate the very gracious comments and support. I'll get everything back to normal soon. Thanks for your patience.

Peace, best wishes, and thank you, Alicia

Doug Dickens
Doug Dickens  (almost 5 years ago)

You were lucky ... at least these guys are more proactive that the gamoaks over on facebook.

Alicia Marie
Alicia Marie  (almost 5 years ago)

I know. I couldn't believe. Sorry to hear about Facebook!

Guitar Center Blues Masters Competition

Hello everybody! I just would like to share my contest submission to Joe Bonamassa's Guitar Center Blues Masters Competition. The contest works like this: ten finalists will be chosen and one winner will be picked to open for Joe Bonamassa in LA. If you would like to support me, please view this video at my contest link: http://bluesmasters.yoov.io/channels/Bluesbaby8. Please share this video and pass it on. Thanks so much everyone for all your gracious support. You guys are the best! The contest runs through late April and each contestant is reviewed based on contest hub views for the week in order to keep their place.

hutchfromba  (almost 5 years ago)

50805 Points and still growing even though the contest is over . I wish and dream of having talent like you . I know it came from a lot of very hard work and sticktuvitness . See http://bluesmasters.yoov.io/channels/Bluesbaby8

Alicia Marie
Alicia Marie  (almost 5 years ago)

Thanks, Jerry!