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Just wanted to say 'thank you' to all of you for the fan love and for giving me the gift of your beautiful art as well. I'm often negligent of this page and am still trying to figure out what to really do with it, but I wanted to ensure you all know I appreciate the support! It's truly humbling to get such sweet attention from wildly talented artists while I sit in my bathroom and record songs with my canon camera, haha. Cheers!! xx


We do it because we love it.

I play an instrument, a ukulele. I play it ferociously. I play loud and hard, even when not plugged in, even when not giving a show for an audience; I play like it's the last time I'll ever play.

What do I have to show for it? Well, on my left hand, my fingers have calluses, which had babies and now there are baby calluses atop the parent calluses. On my right, my strumming hand, there are six Peanuts-themed band-aids covering up-slash-protecting the ripped nailbeds, the under-the-nailbed bruises, the bloody cuticles and the skin peeling from the fingertips.

Some people say changing technique is not only better for the sound, but would help my, what seems like, masochistic quest. And while I'm sure those people are right, specifically in a way that I won't allow myself to level with, I just can't bring myself do to such a thing. Music is art. There is no perfection in art. There are no set rules. (Yes, those are fragments and they partly bother me, but I shall leave them). There are some guidelines, sure, and there are some techniques that can be applied to better this or that, but often times, it's more the thing where you can feel/see/hear the artists soul that makes it live for you.

Sure, I kill my hand. I kill it for art. I will forever have one lady-like hand and one man hand. "Why?," some of them ask. "Why would you keep playing the hard way knowing it's so painful?"

I do it because I love it.