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November 2012 radio shows

Details for my latest radio shows http://stefm.co.uk/2012/november-radio-shows-2012/

New StefM Radio show on FreePartyRadio.CoM

Last month saw the first of my new reggae/dub/breaks/global beats radio shows on www.FreePartyRadio.CoM and i have now cloudcasted it on my Mixcloud page for those that missed it.


These new shows will be monthly and i will be djing a mix of styles and genres but whatever it is it will be reggae flavoured. I hope you can have a listen and help me spread the word of my new project. One Love!

The StefM website

My website has been running for a couple of months now and i am getting alot of hits from all over the world. The most popular of my posts has been my beginners guide to that other great music site 'Soundcloud'. It would be great to see some more of you over at www.stefm.co.uk but if not i shall see you in a field somewhere (by the big rig ;)


Having recently started doing a few remixes i thought i would let you all know that i am in the mood for doing a few more. Feel free to get in touch with me if you fancy a bit of the StefM reggaedub and hippiehop flavour on ya choonz :)

If any DJs want 320's

Just a quick blog to say that if any Djs want 320s of any of my tracks then just message me.

Its all going well

Its all good, the tunes are rolling and the beats keep kicking here on the yorkshire coast. Its nearly a year since i launched this solo project and i am pleased with the response so far.

I already have a couple more radio shows booked which i am working on at the moment. The radio shows have led me to drift back into djing, but i still prefer writing and performing my own material.

Keep on that mad musical journey people and i'll most likely see you out there where the big rigs play sometime soon.

Peace n Light.

A faceless entity

Eyup, So i think i have my page properly up and running on here now. . sweet. New tracks will appear on here as i finish them. I have chosen reverbnation over some of the other music networks to be my main page as the larger ones have become a faceless media barage upon logging in. You guys have actually listened to my music and been kind enough to comment. This means alot more to me than thousands of random hits and digital flyers making my comments page look like the floor of a 90's nightclub at 4 in the morning, thankyou.

my music

Eyup, this is just a 1st blog to introduce myself. This is my first solo music page, i have started it mainly to share my new music, gather feedback, new ideas and make new contacts and friends. After a few years writing mostly trancy music i have recently shifted to making breaks and more dubby stuff. Much like my work with Dyframix and other projects i have worked with it is an experimental and organic process. Hopefully over the coming months i will develope these tracks into a set which i can perform live. If you are a Dj who wants to add my my tracks to your record bag/memory stick then gimmie a shout. Bass n love StefM