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For starters all the guys of YVPG all have creative blood; blood that flows beyond the average artist in to days music market. It all starts with a dream and then becomes reality on stage as they perform for the people in front of them night after night. I asked John a question one day. " Where do you guys rehearse" he replied, "we have never rehearsed in a formal environment" . So... I'm thinking to my self how is it that this band has caught my attention so fast? I'll tell you why, it's because they are a natural on stage, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Attend a concert and see for your self how the music just travels from the stage to the people in the audience. When you here the unbelievable sound of the 808 accompanied by a bass line that rules, and percussion that is right on time along with the perfect sound of a saxophone, a radical guitarist, and it all backed up by electric keys that sweep your mind off into what I know to be Yung Vokalz Precision Groove; that is the best way I can describe the band. When it come to hearing the singing voices of John and Reggie, it makes me wonder just how much longer is the Birmingham area gonna be able to attend a night club concert for $5 or $10 before they go national with there talents. If you have had the chance to attended a concert of YVPG tell me what you think about the show.

DivaCandyLady  (over 7 years ago)

They are a talented group that has their crowd excited and entertained. With their mix and wide variety of songs that range from what we heard growing up, to what we hear being played on the radio waves and even some orignal tracks, they are sure to please! They have a bright future ahead and I encourage them to dream BIG and to conquer the world with their love of music. It is known to calm the savage beast in us all!!!