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New Band New Name!

Smooth Down Under Band has run its course as of January 2014. That being said, in March of 2014, Steve Cole joined forces with Jeff Stockton, Greg Epps, and Chuck Kearns to form Layers Deep.

When Steve went to his first jam session, he took along a list of 120 fun rocking classic rock songs that he has played at one time or another to see if the rest of the guys knew them to build a foundation on.

A good portion of those along with an equal amount of other songs presented by each member to use as a beginning of an ever evolving play list.

One of the things everyone agrees on is to keep the list fresh, and to never have the same sets for every show.

We look forward to getting out there to meet new fans of classic rock, and to perform around the region.

If you book us, you will not be disapointed!

We Will Be Back

The band has been put on hold while in a rebuilding process. Thank you to the fans & venues for your understanding. Smooth Down Under Will Be Back!

A Thank You To All Our Fans!

We would like to send out a very special thanks to all our fans! 2012 is off & running to a fantastic start with more new shows being booked, which means new ears to hear us along with those that have watched & listened to our growth! We do this for you, the fan of the Blues! Without you we would not have the gracious support of the venues that we play at. Another thanks goes out to those of you who have tuned in to the online indie stations that have been helping us get heard in areas too far to travel to. One station we'd like to mention in our thanks is Ft Hood Radio for giving us regular spins on the Monday Blues Lunch Rush! This means more than we can mention in this short space that what we do is being heard all over the world by the troops, and others who tune in. Once again, Thank You Fans!

New Year New Shows

With the beginning of a new year brings some reflection over the one that has just passed. 2011 was a year of growth with the band not only with the addition of Richard Lee Wilson joining us on April 15th., but with growth in exposure to new fans & new towns to play in. 2012 is starting off looking very positive for the band! Please keep checking back on a regular basis as new shows in new towns are getting booked, and posted on the calendar. We are also finding new outlets that support indie artists, some of which are getting posted here as well! Please make sure to visit our Facebook page and like it too! Sometimes it registers when you like it from our page here, but be sure to double check that if you are a Facebook user!

In closing, we would like to thank all the fans that have attended our shows, and the venues that have given us the opportunity to play in your town!

Also a big thank you to the long distance fans for following us online! You have helped make our success your success! Looking forward to many new and exciting things as this year unfolds. Smooth Down Under Band.

New Chapter

The latest in the ever changing world of Smooth Down Under. Recently Shannon has had some problems with his playing hand that has caused him to step down from the front line & support the band from the standpoint of a fan..

Steve contacted Richard Lee Wilson in the K.C. area & asked if he would join for some shows, & we are humbled that the offer was accepted.

After some conversation about musical direction, dedication to keeping the integrity of the name, and the old addage.. "The Show Must Go On".. Richard will be adding his interpretation to the roadhouse blues sound of Smooth Down Under.

Our thoughts & prayers go with Shannon as his hand heals and we hope surgery is not required.

"..I'm honored to have had the short time playing next to him that he was an active member, and will always hold him in high esteem as a brother in the blues!.."

Steve Cole, Bassist & Bandleader

What we are about

Smooth Down Under is a rockin roadhoue blues band based in Branson,MO., 2010 marked our beginnings as a classic rock/blues band, and through the usual growing pains of any new band, we have found our groove as more of a roadhouse blues band!

We've had some member additions & deletions, and with the current line up, we are moving into the new year with a great band of "brothers from another mother"

All of our fans & supporters are very important to us, because without the fans and the venues that book us, we would still be rehearsing in the basement!

This band is not opposed to supporting a good cause to benefit those in great need, .. so if there is a call to step up to the plate to help raise funds, please ask us!

Keeping the blues alive in 2011 & beyond,

Smooth Down Under Band