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Sven Slider and the Sunsetdawn / Blog

The Influence Of Nirvana

I hide nothing on the influences that have helped me create the music I do. If it wasn't for Nirvana I may not even be playing music. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana taught me the basics on songwriting and rhythm guitar, simplicity of the songs showed me that songs don't have to be perfect, but what can make them perfect is when they come directly from the heart. When I get a chance to play live steady, I intend to do many Nirvana covers in my shows, even at one point I'd like to do a full on tribute concert to them, one of the biggest compliments I ever got is when I did Scentless Apprentice at a house party, guy said he closed his eyes and all he saw was Kurt. People have said the name Nirvana as soon as I break into my own work, but at the same time, I feel like I don't sound directly like them, if anything my music would be closer to Nirvana 2.0 as I feel if we still had Kurt he would have developed into a much better guitar player, and musician, and would have given us more great songs with more complexity but still with his main verse chorus verse style........and their we have Sven Slider, I use that style and the influence of some of the greatest guitar players of all time come in to play when I write. Sven Slider is not trying to be Nirvana what so ever, but I will never deny the direct influence of Nirvana and have no issue continuing where they left off. The industry does need another Nirvana, is it me? that is a bit of a cocky thing to say, I want to give the world something real, music that feels, music they like to hear, make people feel something, and Nirvana definitely made people feel. To quote Kurt Cobain, "Its all in the music, its all in the meat"

CD Plans

Gonna outline here what I basically intend on doing with CDs, I have multiple styles I would like to do but still keep it all in the Sven Slider box.

-An acoustic cd, probably gonna make this the debut as its easier to put together and a lot of my music is acoustic oriented or transposed easy.

-A flat out hard rock CD, this will be my main stay for most releases, with ups and downs but mostly I just wanna rock it.

-A punk CD, pay a kind of tribute to the punk music I've grown up on, no covers just a good solid punk rock record.

-Another acoustic CD, this time ala Unplugged in NY or even the old Much Music's Intimate and Interactive, but this will be done after a few or so have been released and will show case some different songs in a different way than the 1st one.

-A Cover CD, I know what you are thinking, but this will be original covers done tastefully, I say original cus I will add my own thing to already established tracks, more soulful leads and whatnot.

-Last one is a Concept CD ala The Wall, but telling my own story of my life, I have a back log of experiences that could even make a good movie or book, but really want to put it out as a CD.

-PS a Live CD, and hopefully if I"m lucky enough a greatest hits but only after I have a great catalog

Sven Slider And The Sunsetdawn

I am Sven Slider, my band name is The Sunsetdawn, my band represents a horse, in which I ride on. My fans are also my Sunsetdawn, the are the best ride a musician can get :)

The name Sven Slider came from my friend and I talking about making a hardcore rap band but with me driving the music for it, and we needed a stage name, he said something swedish, and came up with Sven, I wanted to pair it with something to deal with the guitar, and came up with sliding. As for Sunsetdawn, that just came out of the blue one day and fit well with Sven Slider. Also named my 1st and best warcraft character after it, and played with that name for about 7 years.

What makes Sven Slider music

My music influences have help create a sound that I have, and still strive to find. Nirvana, simplicity at its finest, songs were not complicated and people could learn off it it easy. Guns N Roses, could be the best band ever to play together, riffs that stand out, singer with both high and low vocal range, and songs that have and will stand the test of time, but what else is their, many more bands have helped me create how I play, 70s and 90s rock are both big with me. The blues players of the 70s like Jimmy Page, and many great guitarist that came out of that era, as well as songs that do stand the test of time. 90s Alternative, I have avoided calling myself that for a reason, but Alt Rock of the early 90s brought me into the music, bands like Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Collective Soul and Blind Melon to name a few, all wrote great songs, and most were inspired by the 70s blues rock guitar riffs we so love to play. I have been a solo artist for many years, few bands, but mostly just me, I would like a band like G'n'R or Zepplin that have everyone putting in quality ideas, but as I've been a solo artist, I look towards people like Hendrix, both lead singer and lead guitar player, yet his band backed him up %100 and were very talented themselves. What makes Sven Slider music......stables of greatness that have laid before me and the public. Good music is not only heard but it is felt too.

Copywrite stuff....

All songs written, recorded, performed, produced and engineered by Sven Slider. Unless otherwise noted All original Sven Slider songs are covered under SOCAN.

Mission Statement

All my life I've been playing music, started in grade 4 in public school with recorders and was in music class all the way through high school. I have been writing my own music for almost 20 years now. In 2001 I took Audio Engineering at Trebas in Toronto, figured if I didn't have anyone to back me in making a record then I could just make it myself, which leads me to the process here on reverbnation. Now I have some good demoing gear, and places like reverbnation allow me to showcase my music to the masses (this site has been the best for it) Now I am (shopping demos of sorts), but will put together a well done hard rock cd within the next 2 year. Writing songs is what I'm best at, I am very creative on the guitar and never seem to run out of ideas for riffs. I learned one thing though in college, is that the entertainment industry is not what you know, its who you know, unfortunately I do not know anyone that can personally help me in my goals, again ty reverbnation for giving a place for artist like myself to get out their and known. It is my goal to be a rock star, but if I never make it as one, my songs will still be written and I will continue to still play guitar. I do not make any difference between a song, some random person wrote or a song released by the record company outside of the merit of the song itself (a good song is a good song no mater what)

My music to me

My music is what keeps everything in check, some memories, some stories, some just for the sake of writing something that sounds good. I have always wanted to write something that I would like to personally hear, if I liked it maybe others would and I would never want my songs to come off as unattachable. Nirvana and GNR are my 2 major influences, but you could through in their 70's classic southern and acid rock. 90's grunge is big with me as it was the time I started to learn guitar and music was a major part of my teens, as it is with most of us. If you can feel it, then its good, that is the only thing I look for in any genre of music. I saw an amazing performance by lady gaga, I'm not buying her cd, but now can respect what she does as an art form. Anyways, music is from me and for all. Hope you all enjoy it :)

other site for my stuff

Check out www.showcaseyourmusic.com/svenslider for another site. This one seems better but that is already up and running fully as much as I can.