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HELLO DEREK EVRY FANS!!! I know it's been since, like, April... But I've been so gosh darn busy! And it's all the good kind of busy! Let me catch you up real quick: In April-June I... *deep breath in* Played Lots Of Shows Wrote New Music Grew A Beard Recorded New Music Bought New Guitars Went Vegan Grew The Beard More Started Taking Millions Of Photos With My iPhone Played Lots More Shows So Much Beard Recorded More New Music Watched My Fiance Get A Masters Degree Became The Mayor Of Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant On Foursquare Too Much Beard Recorded Vocals Recorded A Secret Song Started A Side Project With Molly Hagen Modeled For A Wolf Man Photo Shoot Washed Off Offensive, Pseudo Blackface Make-up From Werewolf Shoot Modeled For A Hipster Photo Shoot Shaved The Beard Recorded More Vocals Bought Fireworks For Blowing Up A Small Piece Of This Great Nation *Phew* Now that we're all caught up... BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be playing at The First Stage Theater in Tysons Corner, VA on July 16th for an AMAZING Songwriters Showcase. This is going to feature ALL NEW SONGS that you may not have heard yet... Because they're, like, NEW! Did I mention that they're new yet? Cause they're new. After that... I will be playing a FULL BAND SHOW at Axum Level X on 9th St NW in DC on July 21st with Brian Franke, Amber Dutton, and Dan Fisk. This is my first full band show since April's sold out DC9 show. Please make it a point to come to this one... It may be the last time you can see me with a band for less than $80, and not at a stadium. ;) #WishfulThinking In any event... My new album "Here's To Better Misery" is coming out quite nicely! We're putting some finishing touches on it, then it's off to the presses!! More info on a release date in a few weeks!! Until then, keep coming out to my shows, keep being fabulous people, and try to mention to someone you know that doesn't know about me that I exist, and I play music, and it's at http://www.derekevry.com ROCK FORTH & ROLL ON! -Derek Evry NEW!

DEREK EVRY - April 2011 News!

Hello Fans, Friends, Frenemies, Bloggers, and Strangers! Derek Evry here with a look at April and BEYOND...!!! March was a pretty busy month. We started recording the new album, "Here's To Better Misery" on Sunday, March 6th. Ever since then, little by little, we've been making progress. Everything is going to sound fantastic when it's all finished, and hopefully you'll agree! No clue on a release date yet... It's looking like June/July, but you know how these things go. In other news, our good friend, and studio engineer, Aaron Mason, is going to have his first child any day now... So congratulations to him and his wife, Elizabeth!! *cheers* We've got quite a few shows lined up this month, including TWO shows in DC this coming weekend!! So, please continue you're amazing support, and come out to hear some of the new stuff! Things to expect in 2011: 1. New Album ("Here's To Better Misery") 2. Shorter Emails/Newsletters/Blogs 3. Full Band Shows! 4. Full Band Tours!! 5. Acoustic Shows!!! 6. Acoustic Tours!!!! 7. OTHER TYPES OF SHOWS AND TOURS!!!!! 8. Less Lists!!!!!! That is all for now! Please follow me on the Twitter @derekevry and check in at http://www.derekevry.com more often for free music, fun videos, and boring tax audits. *Please excuse that last item... I am not being audited... It's just that time of year, and I'm a MASSIVE procrastinator... Good Day! Good Night! ROCK FORTH & ROLL ON!! -Derek Evry

Jason Kalman
Jason Kalman  (over 6 years ago)

Greetings! Just curious, what studio are you recording at? Do you have a producer? Also, since I love your music, I'd love if you could check out my new song "I can't let you go" I'd love to know what you think of it, good bad and ugly. you can check it out on reverb or soundcloud at http://soundcloud.com/jason-kalman

Keep Rockin
Jason Kalman

Derek Evry March 2011 News!

Hey there :) I know it's been a while since my last update... and I am SO SO sorry about that... It's just that I've been so busy working on MY NEW RECORD!!! :D Now there's a smile! THAT'S RIGHT! My new album "Here's To Better Misery" will be finished and unleashed on the world in a few short months. In fact, we start recording this Sunday... And with the help of good friends and modern recording software, we'll be finished in a few short days... I mean... Pro Tools is pretty good at making crap marketable in a short amount of time... So why not ME?! (Joke...) No... For you elitists out there, we will not be using any tricks or crazy plug-ins or quantizing the guitars or autotuning the drums or whatever makes Ke$ha sound so terrible. We will be recording REAL DRUMS in a good room, and manually automating EVERYTHING ... Just like the good old days... You know... 2003. (Another joke...) If you don't like my jokes... or don't get them... you will at least like my new music. And if you didn't know... I've uploaded a new (demo version) song to my site! So check out "Wait For You" at http://www.derekevry.com and wait by your iPods for my new album "Here's To Better Misery" to "drop". Also... Please check out my show schedule, and this video that my good friend Kyle Osbourne made about me for http://www.entertainmentordie.com Video link HERE: http://blip.tv/file/4727489 Thank you - And have a GREAT DAY!! :D -Derek Evry

Derek Evry January 2011 News!

This is the first blog post of 2011!! I know you're probably tired and want to sleep the rest of the year... BUT FIRST I have to let you know what's been going on with me!! This will just take a second, promise. 2010 was a GREAT year for my music! I was featured on ABC's Crime Drama "Castle", I came out with two singles, an EP, and an Album, and I got engaged! 2010 will be really hard to top, but I have a feeling that 2011 won't disappoint you. I am currently writing new songs, and working on pre-production for album number two! I'll be testing out these new tunes at a few upcoming shows (Like January 9th at Galaxy Hut with my band!!), and if all goes well, heading into the studio to make some magic. Nothing is set in stone yet, but if I play my cards right, you'll be hearing new Derek Evry music by April 2011! So come out to Galaxy Hut on Sunday, January 9th, 2011 at 9:00PM and catch Digging Up Virgins, and my band! Have a great new year, and I'll see you all in a few days at Galaxy Hut! Rock! -Derek

NEW SINGLE - "Headlights"

My new single is now available on CDBaby at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/derekevry3

The song is called "Headlights" and I'm very excited about it!!

I'm going to donate 100% of the profits earned through 2010 as a Christmas present to the National Breast Cancer Foundation http://www.nationalbreastcancer.org/

So please, tell your friends!! Tell your mom!! Tell your kids! Tell your wife! And tell your husband, cause I'm rockin' everybody out there!!



Derek Evry's song "Without You" on ABC's crime drama "Castle"!!

Press Release – October 20, 2010

Hollywood has heard Derek Evry, Northern Virginia Singer/Songwriter, and Derek Evry has heard from Hollywood. ABC Television Network’s hit crime drama series “Castle” will be featuring Derek’s song, “Without You,” during the opening scene of the October 25th episode of the show. Millions of viewers who may never have heard of this promising young artist will have an opportunity to discover Derek’s music. The program will also be streamed on ABC’s web site for a while after the initial showing.

“Without You” is one of fourteen tracks on his digital-only album, “Don’t Think…” which is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. During the infamous East Coast Blizzard of 2010, stuck in his Arlington, Va. Apartment, Derek came up with a rich sounding, professionally produced album by himself. He wrote the songs, and recorded, arranged, and mixed them alone on his Macintosh computer, doing all the voice work, playing all the instruments, including guitar, bass, piano, and drum sequences.

By departing from the standard “this is how you make a record” mentality, he has created an inspired, energetic, and compelling musical work. Sparing no time, Derek promoted and played anywhere he could to get “Don’t Think...” noticed.

For years, Derek had fronted several bands, and played solo at many of the area’s well-known nightclubs. He developed a reputation as a reliable opening act, frequently getting calls from club managers at the last minute. Oddly enough, Derek may be more known among DC area bands and performers than with the general public. Of course, this is due to change.

In addition to the Network Television exposure, Derek has been written up in DC’s “On Tap” magazine, and his songs have been in regular rotation on the “Local Lix” program on Washington’s leading FM radio station, DC101. James Currie had this to say in an “On Tap” review of Derek’s latest digital-album release, “Songs”:

“A few moments into his latest effort I found myself bobbing my head and looking forward to his next clever turn of a phrase…. Evry’s inviting tenor provides the glue for many of these songs which, thanks to technology, sound bigger than their origins.”

Derek is available for interviews for print, radio, podcast, and television. Contact him directly at the above phone or email address to receive review copies of “Don’t Think…” and “Songs”, and check out his performance schedule and videos at http://derekevry.com

"SONGS" on iTunes!



First, thank you to everyone for checking out "Donor Body Parts" on DC101's Local Lix tonight!!

Second, guess what... "SONGS" is out RIGHT NOW! Just go HERE-- http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/songs/id382652839 and download it!! :) It's only $7.92 so GO GO GO GO GO!!

Rock forth, and roll on! -Derek

NEW ALBUM! 7/27/2010

That's right!! I'm at it again with 6 BRAND NEW songs! The album will include a piano ballad version of my song "Falling", and an alt/rock cover of Radiohead's "Idioteque". The new album is called, simply, "Songs".

I'm VERY excited about this new release, and you will be too!

So, check out some tracks off "Songs" right here on reverbnation.com, and look for my new album on iTunes on July 27, 2010!

Rock out, and roll on! -Derek Evry

This is going to be a killer summer...

Why not have a killer soundtrack?!


Just go to http://www.cdbaby.com/derekevry and download my debut album "Don't Think..."

Or... Buy it on iTunes!! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dont-think/id364390312