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Step by step how to write an essay

Step by step how to write an essay
Step one.

You have been given an essay topic, if there is one, then check the essay requirements. It will also be useful to seek advice on the topic from your teacher if possible. The explanations will be general, but they will help you determine the direction of the essay, then you need to develop your thought.

Asking your instructor how to write an essay is pointless.
In fact, ask your teacher only specific questions. The question "how to write an essay?" is not such a question, it is better to ask essay writing service. It is better to ask what interesting articles or monographs you can read on your topic. This way you will get more benefit.

Step two.

You need to decide on the main thesis and arguments. An essay has the following structure:

Thesis - arguments
Thesis - arguments
Thesis - arguments

Summaries are the author's thoughts on the subject in the form of statements, and arguments are proofs of these statements. Arguments can be facts, phenomena, public life, events, experiences, scientific evidence, references to scientific opinions, etc.

Depending on the length of the essay, you must determine the number of abstracts required. In addition, there should be two arguments for each essay. The logic is simple: one argument does not convince, three arguments overwhelm the text. Therefore, write your essay in such a way that each paper is supported by two arguments.

This step will help you: familiarise yourself with the relevant issues in the essay topic - this will determine what to write and what not to write.

Step Three

This is simply essay writing.

We approach the presentation of our ideas creatively, write an introductory paragraph, formulate our thesis in a convincing way, present evidence in the form of arguments, and draw conclusions. Then we read through what we have written several times, adding and deleting unnecessary things.

How not to write an essay
The three most important mistakes to avoid are.

First mistake.

Instead of writing an essay, they have rewritten several textbooks, articles or, worse, summaries. This is a complete fiasco.

It will be clear from the text that it is not an essay but a collection of other texts, and the author's opinion will not be in the essay.

Second mistake.

As soon as we sat down at the computer to write an essay, we could not resist the temptation: "I'll start writing in 10 minutes, just to see what's new in contact. It is better to read articles https://essayassistant.net/physics-homework-help/ .  By the evening we came to our senses and were not upset that the essay is still not ready.

Mistake three.

We are tempted to watch "the same movie" on TV, go to our favourite forum, call a friend ... And again we lost time that could not be replenished.

Shrink, don't get distracted, turn off extraneous stimuli - concentrate and write an essay.

I will also list in Table 7 the most common mistakes in essay content. Don't forget to test yourself.