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RAWAGE - Triumph of Sin Digital EP 14.12.2012

Violent Journey Records is releasing Finnish RAWAGE's new EP "Triumph of Sin" in Digital downloadable version (physical copies available straight from the band) on 14th December 2012. RAWAGE was found in 2009 Loimaa, Finland. Musically RAWAGE is influenced by black, thrash and death metal following the footsteps of Deströyer 666, Desaster and Gospel of the Horns.

Track listing 1. Jesus Sodomized http://snd.sc/QYh5cC 2. Black Era 3. Triumph of Sin

Angelhunter demo review.

The first review of the Angelhunter demo can now be read at http://www.imperiumi.net/index.php?act=demos&id=2397

The review's in finnish.