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How to promote your mixtape or album!

Mixtapes or mixcds are a common way for recording artists to promote themselves in between albums. Creating a mixtape takes time and preparation but once it's done there is still work to be done. Having a mixtape is great but if no one knows about it or hears it, its ultimate purpose is lost. Read on to learn how to promote a mixtape.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy Instructions

1 Make a list of small record stores that you can take your mixtape to for distribution. You should have determined whether you want to sell or give away your mixtape. Many small record stores will sell your mixtape on consignment if it is a good fit for the store. If you decide to give it away, pitch that idea to the store manager as well. Either way, you want to get your mixtape in the stores. 2 Take a few days to visit all of the record stores on your list. Take a copy of the mixtape with you to leave with the store manager. Discuss your distribution options before you leave the store. Make notes about how each store operates. 3 Wait a few days (no more than three) and make your rounds again. Visit all of the stores you have visited previously and follow up with the store manager. 4 Make a list of publications that you would like to get your mixtape featured in. Do a web search for publications that focus on the genre of music that you play. Many music publications have a submission process for music. Follow their process and send in your mixtape. 5 Follow up consistently. It may take some time before the media outlets feature your mixtape but you can get faster results from the record stores. Your main goal is to get your mixtape in front of as many people as possible. Promote Your Businessprweb.com Promote Your New Business to the World with PRWeb. Free Sign Up!

How to send your demo to a record label.

How to send your demo to a record label companies!

If you want make a name for yourself in the music industry, you first thing you need to know is that your demo CD or mixtape CD has to be undeniable. That means the quality of having it mixed and mastered professionally needs to be on point. Most record labels are tuned into your music more quickly if they hear quality music. You may have a hot song with killer lyrics, but if your CD quality is poor, then you basically just might have missed your opportunity.

So here are a few tips to help you get started…

1. Record your best songs you have

Keep in mind, your demo CD can make or break you. If your a songwriter, consider what you think are your best songs. Then find a great singer or rapper to demo them for you if not yourself in the best performance way as possible. Be sure to pick songs that compliment your voice in the best way. Strive for perfection when recording every song.

2. Build a press kit

Prepare one of these with all of your updated information pertaining to all your related music objectives. Include a professional composite (quality picture) that makes you look appealing like an artist should look. And most of all have a nice printed labeled CD with title and production credits on it. Please do not place a brand name CD in your press kit where you have written on it with a ball point marker or pen, then is a definite turn off to record labels and it shows no professional preparation at all.

3. Getting contacts

After the first 2 steps, the next thing is to start contacting and talking to music producers, publishers or record labels. You now can start sending them emails and start setting up appointments before you submit your demo packages to them. However, you should only contact people who are in the same music genre that you work in. If your an rnb singer, don’t waste your time talking to people who does country music. If this ever happens, just ask them if they could refer you to someone who might help you, that way it’s not a wasted call.

4. Be professional

After setting up your appointments and contacts and decide who you are going to deal with, only submit your press kit to those who seem interested in you. If they want to set up a meeting, be sure to be on time by arriving 15 to 20 minutes early at the the agreed place before they do. It’s more professional to wait for them than to have them wait for you. Always remember, being punctual always is the first step of being professional in all aspects of life.

5. Constantly Network

Networking has to be an obligation not an option. Look forward to attending parties, conventions, music events or anything other venue that is music related where you can promote your music . If you have a chance to perform rather it be a paid gig or not, do it. Chances like this are what your looking for, because after you perform all you need to do is pass out your CD's to people who might be interested in you. For producers I would suggest you pass out snippet samples of your beats on CD or even pass out cards or flyer's with your website so artist can listen and download beats.

Last words!

And there you have it, the 5 tips to show you how to promote your demo CD or mixtape and getting your name out there. Keep in mind to never rush your press kit: Do research and find out which record labels would most likely to be into your music. If you follow that simple step, you will increase your chances of success. Don't just hand them out to anybody, people will think you’re desperate! Good luck,

10 minute daily promotion plan

Internet Music Promotion, Your 10 Minute a Day Promotion Plan Below are some essential elements that will get you started learning the music marketing skills that will pay your wages.

1: Build your site: This is where you will collect email addressees of potential fans. You should just set up a simple blog using the self hosted wordpress.org platform.

2: Email: The heart of your music promotion. Every bit of marketing you do should be to get more and more people on your mailing list. You can then follow up and turn them into die hard fans.

3: Paid advertising: Use Google and Facebook because you can target fans in a very detailed way. It’s also very cheap.

4: Social media: Get really good at Twitter / Facebook pages and forget about all the rest because they do not have nearly as much traffic.

5: Free traffic: This will come from your blog if you make daily posts about what is going on in your scene.

6: Youtube: Post a video per day with you own music and covers. Also keep an eye on what is going viral and try and make your own viral video.

Whenever I talk about marketing I’m always trying to make things as simple as possible, because once you have a simple system that works you can just repeat it over and over again.

There are a millions of other internet music promotion things you could do to get new fans, but you will just get overwhelmed and give up if you try too much.

If you master all the steps above and do it every single day you will find music marketing the easiest thing in the world!


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