hiatus for baby bunny

that's right, bunny and his wife sarah are havin a baby! like, any minute now. cannot wait to meet the little fella!!! boomchick's gonna take a little break to let the new family get cuddled in proper. but we have been working on some nice new ditties for ya and it won't be long! much love and a happy spring!!

prop 8 bites the dust! There Goes The World! wooo!

hell yeah, it's unconstitutional! gay marriage haters need to STFU! now share our song "TGTW" with all ya friends! peace!

Music is Medicine.

No matter how crappy the day was, no matter how worn out, cranky, or fightin-off-a-cold we are, 30 seconds into band practice or a show it's all good. It's all more than good, it's amazing. Supernatural peace descends and we're rejuvenated, revived, smiling and laughing and completely in love with what we do. And it lasts, long after the playing is over. There's some real brain science goin' on here people! Tap into it and be happier. Yay music!

Apocalypse Be Damned!

If you missed a Boomchick show in 2011, never fear, we're gonna keep it goin in 2012. Those Mayans just got tired of chiselin'. So keep your eyes on the Boomchick calendar instead! To soothe your inter-show jones, we added a video clip of us performing "TGTW" at the GRRLZ ROCK! 2011 late night rock show in November. Check it out!

Happy holidays!!

Occupy These Shows!

Get your pumpkin apple cider on with Boomchick this Sunday at the Harvest Festival, at 5th st market, 2 pm. Then, rest up for the Really Big Rock Show at the Black Forest on Saturday, 11/5, with our good pals Long, Tall & Ugly, and the Underlings!!


You did it!! You got us in!! Next Big Thing Eugene, final round!!

We will be performing our 45 minute set at the Lane County Fair, 8/19/11, 715-8 pm. The final round consists of live sets performed in 30-60min slots from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Then judges will vote on the top two to perform at the Eugene Celebration the following weekend.

We thank you so much for your support!! If you can make it out to see us at the Fair, please make a bunch of noise and we will bestow upon you Free Swag as well as our bitchin' 3 part harmonic summer of sound! ("summer of sound:" I just made that up, seein as how we're not really getting any other kind of summer...we'll stand in for the sun, for 45 min anyway!).

Thanks again!

Love, Boomchick.


thanks for your clicks so far! just a few more weeks to vote, don't let your fingers fail you now! we are in the running but competition is fierce! nextbigthingeugene.com click on the 5th star, under our songs "TGTW" and "With Any Chance." mwa!!

there is still time to vote!

Hi friends!


A big thank you to all who have already voted for us in the Next Big Thing Eugene contest!


If you haven't had a chance yet, the contest is still in progress, AND YOU CAN VOTE MULTIPLE TIMES!

The voting helps us get into the Judging round, where industry professionals will decide our fate. So don't be shy, VOTE US IN!

Remember, we have two songs in the contest: "TGTW" and "With Any Chance." Give us a 5 star rating!


Thanks again. We can't do it without you!

Love, Suz, Tom and Bunny

Next Big Thing Eugene!


Have you heard about it?

Boomchick has two songs in the contest: "TGTW", and "With Any Chance." We are excited about the local scene and excited about our chances to win!

But we can't do it without you...

Can we count on you to click the link and give our songs a 5 star rating, as many times as possible? Don't delay! We don't know when the voting will be closed!

And while you're at it, give us an extra boost by telling all your friends!

If we get voted into the showcase, we will be giving away heaps of free stuff!!


Thank you! Suz, Tom and Bunny


well i been thinkin, i have. so give me a cookie. :) no really, i'd like a cookie. partial to oreos, or pepperidge farm dark chocolate milanos.

otherwise, it's raining again here in bog-town. people moan vociferously about it. we had three sunny days in a row and they get all entitled, like we live in denver or something. peeps, it's the willamette valley for cryin out loud! and you know you ain't movin, so quit blaming a constant drizzle for all your woes.

different topic (more cookies, please): would like to see a statistic about how many bands per capita there are in different cities around the US. of course it would be hell to count, as bands are known to come and go as quickly as...local venues to play in!! ha!! but it's pretty sweet that any night of the week you can head downtown with a fistful of options and get your rock on. love it.

well, i'm done thinkin. any luck with those cookies? aw, go on, treat yourself.

thanks for checking in! browse through our little store when you get a minute. we'll change out the products now and then so you can have a whole new wardrobe by fall!

peace out, Boomchick