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Music Rocks Autism: NEVER GIVE UP, no matter what!

Linda Cain, the creator of Music Rocks Autism, has rekindled a scene with purpose in the Rock world. Music Rocks Autism is her heart centered way of raising funds and awareness for the Autism Society. Linda coordinates show after show in the Maryland/DC areas with class and flare, she clearly knows how to throw one of the best parties in town. Her excellent taste in music and choice of great bands is worth more than the price of admission. Linda has captured the spirit of what Rock is about: community, dedication and total 'balls to the walls' performances by insanely great bands: Chatter Box, Riff Raff, and others, who play their hearts out, leaving no stone unturned. In my personal view, the world of music needs everything that this event is bringing to it. Heavy Metal hard rock musicians that know how to give 150% with every note and lyric: sweat dripping, crowds cheering and cameras flashing: love is pouring out from the stage and pouring back from the audience. An unspoken understanding that Rock and Roll is as eternal as the mystic creation of all things. We used to have this in the Punk scene, but it got lost somewhere. I almost hate to say it, but unfortunately, lot's of Punks got discouraged. Those of us who are still in the game carry a wilted punk card in our pockets, we get excited when we hear a band that comes close, and quietly blast our Ramones and Pistols downloads while no one is looking these days. Heavy Metal NEVER died, and NEVER will. This is inspiring for me as a musician, I am revived by the distortion from a good Marshall stack, the gritty, scratchy spit-in -your-face vocals and off the charts rock lead licks that the bands on this bill played last night. What a great great place to be on a Sunday night: watching unbelievably talented bands in a local club! When Sister Ex performed, we were truly surprised that they loved us as well. My nature is exactly what Metal is, but when it comes out in my songwriting, it is Sister Ex, and we are in a class by ourselves. My nature is wild, 'in-your-face', but it is Sister Ex's style of 'in-your-face', which is, as I said, in a class by itself. I was so honored to hear what those musicians had to say about our music: 'you showed them how it's done' was one comment. Wow. The audience is as dedicated to this scene as the players, which doesn't happen too often anymore in local clubs. People should not only be supporting local music, but they should come to events like Music Rocks Autism to remember what rock and roll is about. Rock and Roll is about NEVER GIVING UP, and if you are also the parent of an Autistic child, you never give up either.

Night of 100 Elvises, Nov. 30, 2012

How often do you get a chance to pay your respect to one of the greatest rocker's in the history of Rock and Roll? Night of 100 Elvises is Baltimore, Maryland's way of honoring the King of Rock. If you have never been, you must put this into you calendar for 2013 NOW! Sharing the stage with 100's of amazing solo artists and bands, Elvis impersonators and the like, Sister Ex was among the many who got pay tribute: in past years Anthony and I had attended has guests, but this year, as artists. We asked ourselves, what Elvis song can we do that is authentic to who we are but will also represent Elvis in a way that has never been done before? My background as a yoga instructor for the past three decades finally came in handy when we found, 'Yoga is as Yoga Does' from the film, 'Easy Come, Easy Go'. All I can say is that doing a headstand while performing is a first for me! The scenario in the movie is a yoga class: Elvis arrives in his Army uniform (meow!), and, while trying to pick up on one of the foxy yoga babes in class, the yoga teacher explains, in song, that his skills as a yogi 'will never do'. Because, 'You're either with it all the way, or you've blown the scene.' Right? I got be the teacher, the singer and the yogi, all in one fell swoop! We love the folks who encouraged us to apply to this event, thank you Mike Miller from the Taildraggers!!! You rock! And so does this event. It happens every year, the first weekend in December. Go to the website, www.nightof100elvises.com, or the facebook page to see the photos, videos and check it out!!

Music Rocks Autism at the House of Rock

They say the holidays are a good time to share your love. Start your holidays with Music Rocks Autism at the House of Rock on Dec. 9th. This event raises money for Autistic children and has become quite popular. Contact: Linda Cain via Facebook, if you want more information on the logistics or if you just want to contribute. Sister Ex will be performing on Dec. 9th at the House of Rock at 7PM.

Upcoming Night of 100 Elvises Show

This year, Night of 100 Elvises will be on Nov. 30 and Dec 1. This event is a once in a lifetime event that soon becomes a tradition for those who have never been. Although the tickets are bit pricey, keep in mind it is a fund-raiser for Children's Hospital. Sister Ex will be performing a never-before-performed Elvis song at this event on Nov. 30th. Imagine, of all the Elvis songs that there are, our band is doing one that no one has done yet at this event, so DONT MISS IT!!