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What is the state of live music?

Peg Abercrombie
Peg Abercrombie  (over 2 years ago)

You are one of quite a few musicians asking that same question. From LA...watching Sunset Blvd change so, with the final fallout as the House of Blues closed to build a condominium...:'( 6th street in Austin is still there, but not 'alive' like it used to be...venues moved over past Congress. Have not checked out Chapel Hill yet, that used to be a great place for live music. Charlotte could become another part of the heart of the industry, at the rate I am seeing, and Atlanta is and always has been (Macon...Warner Robbins)...and, then you have Nashville...I love the Blues that come out of Chicago...it used to be the place for bands from there to book into Dallas a lot...the people in charge of all that got swallowed up by LiveNation (aka HOB)...and well, that is another story...I hope live and more 'intimate' music survives the 'unknowing' people and their 'lack' of appreciation...there are those of us out there who are so hungry to hear live and 'up close and personal' music still, and my hope is we can make the difference and help to bring things back to the fun it used to be...not just going out to get 'drunk' and not even know the band that was playing. One of my favorite memories was a private jam in FT Worth, and sitting and talking with Stevie Ray...what a night....those a special times, and somehow we as musicians will find our way to survive...children love music...and they will always be listening...hope this fits your question and I didn't get off base too much.


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