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How you can help promoting my music

Help spreading my music by posting my reverbnation player on your social sites like fb, myspace, etc. You don't realize how big of an impact you can make by doing this! It is the most simple yet very effective to show me your support and help my music to get recognized. Thanks so much! Peace, Ulrich

Ulrich Ellison Trio, DVD+CD Pre-Release party at One-2-One Bar

121 East 5th Street Austin, TX 78701-3601 Austin, TX

Friday, December 10 · 9:00pm - 10:30pm

DVD/CD Release of the bundle "Live From Austin, TX" . There will be some copies for sale already. The official release will actually take place a few weeks later.

Many thanks go to Gary Feist, Eric Sigsbey, my wife Sabine, Brady and David and all the other helping hands for making all this possible.

This is the new release I will promote on my upcoming spring tour 2011 in Europe. We will play a 90 min set and I will have time to hang afterwards. Hope to see you there!

Brady Muckelroy - bass David Sierra - drums Ulrich Ellison - guitar, vocals

How to support me and my music!


people have been asking me what they can do to help me and my music. It´s really simple: let other people know. A very effective way to do this on the web is to post my music player on your site. Here is the link:


The cool thing is that when I post new music you´ll always have the new stuff in the player. Pretty cool! Please also let me know when you post a player, I will have a little gift surprise for you.

What starts little can grow big! Yours truly, Ulrich

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New Webpage


Please check oout my new webpage. While it is not completely finished yet it makes me happy to finally have a visual presentation of my sounds. Peace,