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Army/Navy Find A Copy Of "C86" At The Thrift Store

The L.A. band Army/Navy were pitched to us as a "new indie pop gem," and if there's one phrase that will get me clicking on the MP3s in my e-mail, it's that one. (Publicists, take note.) "Saints," which we've posted below, is a shimmery bit of jangle that sounds like the offspring of distorto-pop heroes Teenage Fanclub and Tiger Trap (the harmonies on the chorus make my knees weak); if you're into that, you should definitely check out "My Thin Sides," which is on their MySpace page and which sounds like a lost Orange Juice track that's had about 50 layers of distortion added to it. Seriously, I could listen to songs like this from now until the end of time:



Gibbard, Costello Pals Step Out With Army Navy Long before Benjamin Gibbard hopped in the Death Cab and established the Postal Service, the tuneful young man played in a little-known Pacific Northwest act called Pinwheel. Gibbard's partner-in-rock at the time was one Justin Kennedy, and the two split vocal duties. Flash forward to 2007, and Kennedy has relocated to Los Angeles and returned with a new act, Army Navy, on the brink of releasing their debut full length.

While Army Navy have yet to recruit a label or settle on a title or release date, their first bow is already in the can (and its tracklist can be found below). Having manned the producer's chair on the The Little Album That Could, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's web-storming self-titled debut, board-man Adam Lasus lends his touch to this first album as well.

What's more, joining Kennedy and fellow troopers Louie Schultz (lead guitar, keys) and Ben Gaffin (bass) on the Army Navy debut is none other than drummer Pete Thomas, of Elvis Costello's Attractions.

Catch a whiff of Army Navy's sweet jangle by downloading album cut "My Thin Sides" below.

Army Navy debut:

01 Dark as Days 02 Jail Is Fine 03 Saints 04 Silvey Sleds 05 My Thin Sides 06 Unresponsive Ears 07 Slight of Hand 08 Pocket Boys 09 Ignite 10 Snakes of Hawaii 11 In the Lime 12 Golden Pony