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Tomorrow's Song

So...there was a contest posted by Jon Foreman, an artist that I truly revere, and the rules were this: Write a song with the title "Tomorrow's Song", the music is the prize. Here's what I've come up with. I hope you enjoy, as I hope he does.

Tomorrow's Song

In the quiet, in the silence The subtleties and waves of violence Come from all directions As the night rolls overhead

Beneath the silent sky I listen My burdens groan while the stars glisten The sun's soon resurrection Comes to wake up all the dead

It's the melody Within the fight The song I sing Within the night I know it won't be long I'll sing tomorrow's song

I've been worn from work and trying To get more living out of dying Society's confections Have only failed me to fill

The light that once defined the day Will wash out all the dark again The sun's soon resurrection Tonight keeps me singing still

It's the melody Within the fight The song I sing Within the night I know it won't be long I'll sing tomorrow's song

Don't hang on to what's been done Live in the now and what's to come Life and light ain't that far gone In the dark we sing tomorrow's song

Words: Michael Sweigard/2011 Music: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

ps-Jon, if you've read this far, and have enjoyed it, I just want you to know it would be truly wonderful to cowrite in person. I'm sure you get that daily, but, just saying.

Thanks for reading friends!

Tis' The Season

Hola amigos,

Not a huge blogger by trade, but here it goes. Things have been good on the homefront. Exciting. And, in the midst of all of this, it is important to note how we are who we are, in part because of our decisions, and also because of those we surround ourselves with. And, those that I've been privileged to be around are truly special people. If you've had the opportunity to come out to a show, hopefully the incredibly talented Kyle Anspach has been present as well. It is an honor and a joy to play music with this man whom I call friend. Fluence, fluidity, and an akin sense of humor make the times of music together extra special. Also, there has been the opportunity to have our friend Jared sit behind the percussion kit. Rehearsals were a fun DKTV (Drum Kit TV) version of Design on a Dime. The kit he ended up behind consisted of everything from a kick drum and a djembe as a floor tom, to bongos and chimes. A fun evening indeed. To these guys, great thanks are in order. Things wouldn't be possible if it weren't for them.

Also, managment talks have been going on. Things in the future are in the making to be on the road more and further from home base. Looking forward to it. Among it all, the notebooks have been giving birth to new tunes, some learning to walk more quickly than others. Real excited for you to hear them. Thanks for reading. Stay posted. Talk to you soon,



Hello friends,

Glad you could stop by. I look forward to you listening to the tunes, and meeting you on the road. If you ever have a question, want to chat, or anything else, feel free to send a message. Talk to you soon!