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The Hottest Out Tour

You see it, It's going down in PA OCT 9, 10, 11th NYC, 12TH Syracuse The Hottest Out Tour....Featuring myself Jimmy Black (THE Journeyman) Notti Castro Mikey Jay Ronald C Bullock aka (B.L.O.) n more..................4 Cities 4 days, u already know the line up gonna be crazy......

The Hottest Out Tour

4 Cities in 4 days...It's going down the Hottest Out Tour starting October 9, 2014

Favorite 90's Cartoons

Yo I think there was great cartoons in the 90's you can add something if you don't see yours.. He-man, Cops, inspector gadgets, She-ra, GI JOE, Jetsons, Transformers, Scooby Doo, damn what else?

The Race

Just because you slow down doesn't mean everything stop, maybe for you but the race do continue everybody in their own lane. Let's go

Working real hard

Stay tuned a lot of colabo's and projects coming soon. Let's go.

Believing in yourself

When you have confidence you will strive and push harder to get to your goal, Don't let nothing or no one kill your spirit because they are mad with their situation.


Work hard to play hard

Seize The Moment

I'm like a seed amongst many that was lefted for dead, but through out the years the sun gave me light and today I stand stronger.

Work Hard or Go Home

No time to waste, cause Time is Precious.

Don't Know

Sometimes we don't know how long it will take to get a certain job done, but I can tell u this like my lil bro Castro say CONSISTENCY will get you closer to completing the task, on that not go get it.