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Hey There Portland!

So excited to be living in Portland. There are so many wonderfully talented musicians and places to play music. It feels like home and I love it. I'll be recording my second album over the winter and into the spring with the material that Adam and I have written since the last album released in May of 2011 "Sleepless". I hope you all are having a wonderful fall and I look forward to playing more and more music for your enjoyment!

Back to School

Classes started this morning. things are well enough working a lot at good ol beans and hittin the music scene as much as possible. might have a band started in the next few weeks so keep your eyes and ears peeled for some jammin tunes and or gigs. peace out


It's weird to be back in maine, but good. i have yet to play at an open mic since i've been back but mostly because i've been having other shows on the days that i usually go to open mics... so i guess i can't complain. i've been doing a bit of recording but mostly been mixing a project for a client back in hawaii. all in all life is goood

My First Blog...

Chillaxin' in Hawaii, rockin tunes with friends, hittin local open mics, swimming daily, recording daily, writing almost daily as well... this is the life