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Orleans to Orlando!

We absolutely love expanding our horizons! Catch us on the road, because we're a'comin your way! Thanks to SO many of our incredible fans that have helped us to gain and maintain the top spots on ReverbNation for 6 years running!!

"Chairman Of The Blues", brand new release!

Friday, July 29th, Listen to Radio WWOZ.org 90.7 New Orleans for the new release!! It's the first single being released for the album Said The Spider To The Fly, and is a benefit release, for Terence "Ready Teddy" McQuiston. You'll LOVE the song, and Teddy is a close friend to most all the musician's in New Orleans~ Listen to DJ Black Mold at 11AM for the global release of what will be a historic musical project~

The Voices: Gypsy Elise – Song Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Contralto/Tenor Harmonies

Special Guest Vocalists: Margie Perez - Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Harmony Shoeless Pashley - Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Tenor Harmonies Anamaria Ylizaliturri – Soprano Harmonies Jan Rohbock Clements – Alto Harmonies Bryan MacMartin – Tenor Harmony Ryan De Sade Way – Baratone Harmonies Mark Pohlen – Bass Harmony Reggie “Voodoo Ninja” Smith – Intro Announcer

The Musicians: The Royal Blues: John Lisi – Music Composition, Lead Guitar Ryan De Sade Way – Keyboards, Keybass Reggie “Voodoo Ninja” Smith – Also Saxophone Jams Marotta- Drums

Special Guest Musicians: Little Freddy King - Lead Guitar Bryan MacMartin – Trombone Tom Fitzpatrick – Tenor saxophone Mel Graziano - Organ Jan Rohbock Clements - Piano Hunter Burgamy – Rhythm Guitar William Bonham - Mandolin

Candid Session Photography by Gypsy Elise, Heather Glass, Jan Hankins

Original composition recorded at: Word Of Mouth Studios Engineer - Tim Stambaugh, Algiers, LA

Guest Artists recorded at: Way After Dark Micro Recording Studios, New Orleans, LA Engineers: Ryan De Sade-Way, Reginald M. Smith, Jr., Elisandrya De Sade-Way

Remote recordings by: Brian "Roscoe" White, Detroit, MI

Special mention to Nancy ‘Lil Red’ Gros, and Ashton Hines, who tried their best to get here but missed the sessions. Teddy’s son Richard says thank you so much to everyone that helped with this historic musical tribute to his Dad.

Gypsy Speaks

I LOVE my band!! Whether its just me and Ryan, or with Reggie on sax with us... all the way to the BIG double drum show... I LOVE my band!! These guys all lay it DOWN for me, and let me dance on the notes!! I cant wait til every show starts!!! Catch our Record Release Party this Wednesday at The RiverShack!!!! It's gonna be Off The Chain!!!!!! 9:30 PM!!!

Livin Golden while Singin The Blues

That is exactly how I feel right now. Cutting edge with a razor sharp wit, baby. If I cant sing, I can barely breathe. I can hardly wait to hit the next stage.