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Mysterious Northern California Entity Piss And Vinegar Barely Exists

Mainly composed of what one guy thought would be a good name for a band, Piss And Vinegar has released its one and only existing single, "Thigh High Leather Boots", on REVERBNATION over this last weekend. The single has a distinctly informal, garage sort of production quality which stems from the overly affected artistic strategy the band posed by getting together informally and recording in a garage-type studio. The overpowering monologue which holds the piece together is delivered by 48 year-old, rock and roll ingenue Mary Kay Love. Rumor has it that the loose, disjointed and seemingly spontaneous delivery of Mrs. Love's monologue was recorded in just one take, no small achievement when you consider Love's reputation for being tight, locked, loaded and rigid. The rest of the band is a virtual super group with Alex Quinn of Los Angeles'Lantrn on drums, Chico Musical Grand Poobah, Dan Quinn on bass, Santa Cruz High basketball's starting two guard, Cody Love, on guitar, award winning essayist Ty Gideon Love on keyboards and Piss And Vinegar's Chief Visionary Officer, Arby Love on backup vocals. Piss And Vinegar will embark on their Tour of the Mind schedule whenever they think about it or whenever you think about it for that matter. Listen to Thigh High Leather Boots obsessively and make it #1 on the REVERBNATION charts for Santa Cruz, Ca.