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Our Brother in Arms

It is of great sadness, that our brother Shawn Ricci has to step down as our bass player of JÄGER. Due to neuropathy in his right arm. We and our fans are completely devastated. Shawn was able to bring a good band status to a Great band, potentially heading closer to being a National Act with his musicianship, talent, and overall friendship to us all!!!! It will very difficult to fill Shawn's shoes of his talent & musicianship​....our friendship will always be as brothers!!!! JÄGER has moved forward with our new addition in the band to keep moving the Rockn' Roll Dream ALIVE!! Guitar/Bass/Vocals player/teacher Introducing the very talented Paul Tadder.... More details coming soon, Rock On!!!

Battle of the Bands 2015

2015 proved to be a successful year in our tour around the Midwest! We met so many great musicians and fans along the way during our performances. Sept 12th we had entered a contest which was co-judged by the "GREAT" Johnny Rod from the band W.A.S.P.! We won the purse, our very own designed guitar picks, and became the 1st unsigned band to be featured on St Louis's "The Viper" FM Rock Radio Station! Here our song "Road to Sturgis" was played in the middle of rush hour for 10s of thousands of rockers to hear us for the 1st time! It was great to of met so many new friends and also look forward to performing with the great bands we had the pleasure of sharing the stage with in the near future!

Take Care & Keep on Rockn'!


Two articles written August 2014 Issue!! JÄGER "Weekend Rush" Album & Kenny Matel X Factor 2011!!

Album reviews!

www.metal-temple.com here "Weekend Rush" has been blessed to get a possible 10/10 score to be a "Masterpiece" album! Also, ION Indie Magazine August 2014 issue!

JÄGER Rebuilding!

With X Factor right around the corner and out of respect for our fans and our music, I have been auditioning musicians to restore & continue the legacy of JÄGER's Rock/Metal music! With the help of some of the "Best" musicians between Milwaukee and Chicago,we have been creating a modern version JÄGER.With a new album in mind and in the making, we will be ready to perform new & old by December 2011! Long live JÄGER! Kenny Matel

AMI Entertainment Network

JAGER's album "WEEKEND RUSH" is available on over 50,000 Digital Jukebox sites Nationwide! Check your local Venues,Bars,and Restaurants for the AMI Entertainment Network Digital Jukebox! Take Care & Keep on Rockn' Kenny Matel

Just getting started!

3/2008 JAGER was transformed into the hottest rock band that hit Southeastern WI in along time. After spending just a total of 48 hours together we recorded a 10 song CD.Our 80s'style music was featured on 97.3FM The BREW Home Brew program. Shortly there after we were asked by 97.3FM The Brew to participate in the 105TH Harley Davidson Battle of the Bands. Here we performed our very 1st show along with 5 other bands and missed 1st place by 2 points. After a minor set back of 2009 we had taken a break. Now 2010 is here we are all back together with an addition of another lead guitar player and we are looking to bring some fun, rock n roll metal to all of the fans! Shows will be added shortly, so stay tuned! Take care & Keep on Rockn'!