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ODE To Creation

Many believer over the last few decades, have believed that the creation account in Genesis Chapter 1:1-3 has scientific significance. Actually, It is not science at all. We just have a tendancy of applying the post modern European lens to everything we view. When viewing from the biblical worldview one will find that the creation account is an ODE of Creation or a developmental song. Something like 99 bottles of beer on the wall. as the song progresses the number grows larger. The primary purpose for the ODE of Creation was to affirm that the Hebrews had faith and believed deeply about the ONE God who would provide ONE land For a chosen people. Are you chosen? if so sing the ODE and let it bless your soul. JAIS


James W Smith Greetings Members.

On of our main objectives for this organization is evangelism. For some evangelism is easy for most of us it's not so easy. For those that deal with the power struggle between introversion and extroversion, I suggest you remove the focus off yourself and let the Holy Spirit take control and I don't mean speaking in other tongues or slapping your hands on someones head. you might scare off the individual you are trying to witness to or you might get a black eye (LOL). How do I know I've seen it done and have many friends that won't come to Church because there afraid of this type of experience. I have tried others effective ways of soul winning and they seem to work. Here are some of the ways I have evangelized. I have been a barber for many years and come into contact with many people. For me taking time to help build a persons internal and external beauty gave me the opportunity to present the Gospel. No suit, No brief case and no sermon. Just me and the talent God has given. He has given me a way to witness. (Thank you Lord). Here are two other ways I evangelize. I evangelize through talent and conversation. Music has been a major part of me for a long time. For those that know me personally I know I have been more introverted with the gift, as much as it has shocked you it has shocked me! (LOL) I don't use it to glorify myself It's just something else God added to the W.A.R Movement Arsenal! Brothers and sister you have gifts and talents as well. Let us do whatever it takes to be effective in soul winning. I have ministry resources that I would like to share with other members of this movement. Let's take action now. If anyone want to add to this discussion feel free.

We Are Reconciled! JAIS Elder James W Smith III