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life as a musician

I've released two solo cd's since ive been solo and I recorded and released them completley D.I.Y wich i am very proud of. Im in the process of recording my third solo album. Most of the songs are already written i just need to finish some lyrical arragments on a few. Ive released one song off the new album as a teaser to keep my fans happy. Doing the recording, engineering, producing, writing and mixing all by myself is a huge challenge so sometimes it takes a while just to get one song finished, ya know, because i work full time and i still play as many open mics and shows that my schedule allows. Its a very time consuming job being a working musician but eveytime i do make any progress it makes it all 100% worth it. Also being on stage a playing my music for people is the most addicting drug. It fills the hole that heroin filled for lots of years. My songs are like reading a book. I try not to write lyrics unless ive been through what im singing about or expierienced it in some way or another. So next time you hear a song of mine really listen to the lyrics. I think you'll find them very relate-able. The more real and raw a song is, the more people it reaches. Thsts my beleif anyway. Thanks for all the support and visit my site often for show dates, new intimate home recordings and new songs. Thanks, and I love hearing from you. Wether its good or bad....send me a message.