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It was a lot of work, but I finally got my Pro Tools software/hardware playing nice together again. NOW I get to move to the next step - recording, recording, recording........


It is funny how things work out. by the time that I set up myself on REVERBNATION, the group of players that recorded the two EPs of songs on my playlist has long ago disbanded. My music has turned into a hobby, not a career at this point in time. The positives response that I have gotten here has changed my plans though. Being a songwriter (first and foremost), I have MANY songs (25+) that have been sitting on the shelf, waiting to be recorded. I consider many of them as good as, if not better than the ones you have already heard. My intentions now are to 'dust off' these unrecorded songs and put out a double CD of them. I am fortunate to still be in contact with past band members and know plenty of top level players to fill in the positions needed to create an awesome sounding band again. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I'm inspired to move forward with this. It has been a big regret to have never recorded the rest of my material. now I will have my chance! Also, I haven't written anything completely new for some time. I've NEVER gone to the spring and found it dry. I'm excited for the songs unwritten yet to come as well! Reading this, you probably understand now why my music profile is normally so quiet. that is about to change. I'll keep you guys informed on my blog on how this new journey is going. 2015 should be a real exciting year for me. Stay tuned in!

My first fan

Hey there Craig. I haven't even told anyone about my site yet, but already I have a fan. Stay tuned for a lot of stuff coming out soon. See my main music site at http://smeerworld.blogspot.com You can get mp3 downloads from there. Thanks again - you are literally my #1 fan

Hello from SMEER

I'm just getting this site set up, so check back for many more songs from a bunch of different groups/projects that I've been involved with over the years. I have about 40 more songs I'm pulling from the archives and after that I got a whole bunch of stuff I never finished being completed now. Also I'm involved with a new project that will be all BRAND NEW material. I already have the backing of some top-notch musicians to see me through it. Stay tuned! If you don't know about my main music blog, give it a visit at http://smeerworld.blogspot.com You can download my mp3 files from there. Steven M