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BOYCOTTING FAKE RAPPERS:..... "Let Me tell you something All u gimmick ass rappers need to give it up. it's about getting money. don't be rapping about shit you aint about. don't be talking bout you got keys when u aint never seen a key in ya life. all these niggaz makeing diss records need to stop to becuse at the end of the day if u know u aint gone do shit to the nigga you rapping about and you just saying some shit becuse you in the booth high and drunk u need to stop that fuck shit. i'ma start exposeing mutherfuckers. nigga if u aint bout what ya say u about don't rap about it. if you aint never liv the life of a gangsta don't rap about it. becuse i know real gangstas and real gangstas rob shoot and stab and if you don't do or never did none of the above shut the fuck up. also if u aint pimpin stop saying you a pimp becuse real pimps have hoes work the streets real pimps get money from the bitch or the nigga thay pimpin and then throw them a lil summin summin. thats real pimpin so if you don't do none of that shit stop saying you a pimp becuse it's a differnts between a pimp and player. a pimp make others work for them and a player just fuck a lot of hoes. so if you a player say you player. but don't say you a pimp becuse you got a lot of hoes. and to all you niggaz that got a problem with what i said come see about me. becuse i aint the type of nigga thats gone call you out on a track. i',ma be a real hood nigga and handle my shit eye to eye. u feel me. i'm just tired of this fake cartoon wwe wrestling type rappers. and if you real then you whouldent have a problem wit what i just said. but if you do then i must of touched a nerve meaning u must be fake. becuse when it come down to it the shit people rap about when it comes down to someone testing to see what ya bout what u gone do. when that nigga tell whats the price of a key how it ways and shit like that what u gone say. so the moral of this long ass quote is be real and never judge a book by it's cover. becuse the main people that look hard be the same niggaz thats got bitch in them and maybe even pook a lil booty. it be the silent mutherfuckers u need to watch for becuse thay real bout it. so stay true to yourself becuse when you look in the mirror you know who you are. this game aint nuttin but smokeing mutherfucken mirrors. and i'm asking all my real dudes and woman to stand up kick the fake out the game. becuse it don't make sense on how this game is. and if you rap about somebody go see about them and handle that shit. but don't go on a record and rap about a nigga or bitch and never handle that shit. man i tell ya i know woman that got more hart then most of these rap dudes now and dayz. and all my real homies know what i am talking bout. be real and always stay true. i'm out cadillac slim. p.s. if enybody got a problem with what i said holla at me. by the way what we need to do is stand as one and get money we are bless wit god given talent. stop acting and take a stand." this is a black ownd game. we got power but what we do wit it. we waste it. by getting on rap tracks acting stupid and pretending to be something you not. you getting money man. so insted of blocking or haten on the next be real stay true to yourself and lets stick to get together and get money. becuse as long as we stay devided the white man will always be above us. but if we come together as one thay won't and can't stop us. and i am not talking a race thing so lets get that stright becuse. i mean i think slim shady is the best lricest in the game. i was just makeing a point to all these stupid ass nergos that game the game twisted. and don't releze how bless thay are wit the talent thay got. what i meant to say was this is a black domonet company and all we doing is talking bout what we gone do to each other. but don't shit. so keep it 100 if you rap about someone go see about them. don't talk sideways when you know u aint gone do shit.