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The progress on our new cd "One Nation Under God" Is finally coming all together. It's vocals week and they're coming along great. After that its off to mix. We're planning on releasing it in the early Fall. Bike week maybe?

New cd in progress

We've been plugging away at a new 4 song ep that will be a bit different from the normal pedal to the metal burn down the barn kind of stuff we're more known for. This record will have two soldier songs and two peaceful songs on it. Some of these have been in the catalog for some time but never got their chance to shine.The plan is to release this material and donate all proceeds to a veterans charity but of course that is proving harder to do than we originally anticipated. Most charities have complicated tax status issues that prevent them from accepting money from questionable sources (apparently that means us) so we're still looking for the right one. As soon as we settle that issue we'll announce a release date and schedule a series of shows where we'll pass the jar and help raise some cash for the people who've given so much to protect the freedoms we often take for granted. See ya soon. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND DRINK!


Well, it's been a helluva hot Summer here in North Carolina with the temperatures regularly topping 100 degrees and a burst of rain for a few miutes every afternoon to make the air as thick as stew. That's the perfect recipe for making Automag music, hot and stcky! Even though the new cd has only been out for a very short while, we're already hitting the rehearsal studio (The Badger Den) to work on new material as well as adding older material back to our live set. With 3 full records under our belt we've found that it's getting difficult to cover all the ground some people would like in a 3 hour show (what a great problem!) We've been getting requests for "Hellbound" songs so we're tuning them up and turning them loose. If you have favorite Automag tunes that we haven't played in a while, shoot us a message and we'll start banging them out. Ultimately, our show is YOUR show and we'd love to give you what you want! Let's turn up the heat a little more and bring the dirty South to a hard boil! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND DRINK!

Automag tears into the Midwest!

Well here we go, 1000 miles to go in 23 hours to make it to the show in Waukesha Wisconsin on Thursday, September 30, 2010. The following night we will be in Waukegan Illinois at Clark's lounge and the following night we will perform at Ye Olde Towne Inn in Mount Prospect Illinois. We'v etoured the East coast many times but this will be the first time we've hit the heartland of America. Hold on to your beer goggles people, the JoCo express is rolling into town to burn it down to the ground!