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2015 New Band Forming

Some people are complaining about 2014. Not me…I'm back with a new band and 2015 is gonna be FULL of good music!!! We're talking about a band that can pull off the new songs as a power-trio, AND one with horn sections, organ, pedal-steel, chick back-ups AAANND-Pedal Steel!!! SHIT…even YOU can join!!!


OK... It is COLD out there!! Who saw this coming, right?!? Take care out there everyone!!

As we begin the new musical season, The Matt Jameson Band has a few great things going on that could warm the COLDEST of hearts! The band is fully formed and has got that Jameson sound going strong. With hints of GASLIGHT ANTHEM, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Tom Petty, COUNTING CROWS and other bands/artists that really have that 'American' sound, MJB demands to be heard (in a nice way..)!!

Also... by spring we should be releasing our 'Live' cd. 8 of the best songs from our live perfomances captured from one night of bliss. We call it "The MATT JAMESON BAND...Uh-Live!" in honor of the band KISS. Remember them!?! Their live album really helped unveil them to the world and captured their magic.

We are hoping to do the same!!

Thanks for hangin' with us....Matt Jameson


Funny thing about ReverbNation- take a few weeks off from Relentless Promotion and your rating numbers TANK!!! So what does it all mean?? I wish I knew.

Currently Matt Jameson is in rehearsals with two new members on guitar and drums. These guys are hot!!! Philly is still on bass………sweet!!!

Autumn Closing In...

"With Autumn Closing In" Ahh...that great line from Bob Seger's "Night Moves". Still feels like summer though here on the east coast-real nice!! The band is going through some changes as well as working on new material these days. Song ideas fall from my mind like leaves from the trees. I kinda rake them into piles, jump in them for a while, then bag 'em up into what I hope are interesting stories or sweet grooves. Enjoy these days folks, they are some of the most glorious ones I can remember in a long while. Matt J.

Brooklyn, Brooklyn Take me in....

Sent the street team (me) to Williamsburg to promo the upcoming show at The Trash Bar. Man...!! That whole city was just buzzing!! People everywhere... a lot of characters, and cool stuff to check out. I'm sure the nice weather brought everyone out-

Going live!!

It feels good to finally have the band back together and playing out. 2013 is going to big a big year for us. New songs, press kits to radio stations, and that FINE pedal steel will be ringin' out LOUD!! What a tough winter. Lets all get together this spring and really have fun and take care of each other- that's what it's all about. Matt J.

Last Song

So I cut the trax for the last of five songs on the current ( as of yet un-named) Record. There has been a real growth in the strength of my voice, so we went back and re-recorded some vocals on other songs. What a difference!! The stories in the lyrics really started coming alive!! This really has felt for me like the beginning of something big. I don't know what I'm saying. Maybe I'm too close to the project to be any kind of judge. All I can do is put it out there and hope that people like it.... that I may someday lay my tool belt down, and be reborn as someone new. 'Cuz my body can NOT take much more!!!

Rock clubs are a funny thing...

Rock clubs are a funny thing. So much goes into running these places; legal costs, rent, permits, staff etc. So why do they not look more closely at some of the acts they put on their stage. I'm sure they would all love to book Dave Grohl if they could, but to put on some of these crappy bands is gonna be SO bad for business!! I personally like crappy bands. Not to be mean, I can just have really low expectations sometimes. Plus I think the fact that the crappy band members are REALLY trying their best is enough for me to glean little moments of musical joy. But come on!! Getting sandwiched between a Death Metal Rap band and a band that should only perform on Halloween with it's 'vampire' schtick, leaves me in a lonely place. Is there a place for just GOOD songs? I still do not know the answer to that question. This is Matthew Jameson saying... "Rock On...and Rock Out".

Life in the Studio.

You know I must say... my still-new wife has been a total champ through all this. Very supportive and very creative with all things other than the music. Things in the studio have been going so damn great. Two more songs to go, then we mix, master and print. Then it's off to the copyright agency and STILL so much more to do after that. I hope that if we work hard now, and with some luck we can do this. This is the rest of my life I'm working on.