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Santa Eulalia

This is a song about my trip to South America in 1978. I made it to Lima and got stuck there. Rudolfo, Tunti, and Aida are all people who helped me. Ironcially I had met Aida, who was Peruvian, in East Palo Alto two years before my trip. She was attending Foothill College. One day I was walking out of the Hotel California, the real name btw, in Lima and she was walking in. We embraced. She asked me to help her. She had a boyfriend, the father of her son, who was a German physicist, and he had been strung out on cocaine. He had a room at the hotel. His room was a mess. I helped her clean it up, it was really sad. We found about $800 just thrown about the place. She handed me $250 without me even asking and I was able to free myself from Lima. That's when I went and stayed with Rudolfo in Santa Eulalia. Rudolfo was a master healer who had worked with the Hopi. He saved my life.