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Kevro's 30th Birthday

Coming next month is the biggest jam of this year so far, out two year anniversary of recording videos, our 12 year anniversary of Red Bungie's existance and Kevro's 30th Birthday all will be celebrated the day after Kevro's birthday. We will record and have more instruments than usual, including a drum set (Kevro's set is back.) If you'd like to come or watch via the internet we may even live stream it! Please let us know if you are interested in attending in any form. Thanks, The Red Bungie Band

July 31

The largest amount of usable songs this year came from this Jam. And we probably had the most instrument changes we've had in years. It was a great jam and we encourage everyone to listen want watch the videos!

Red Bungie Jams

Jams are generally 2-12 hours long, contain from 3-15 people. Any instrument is fair gme and we record most of the jams we have. Currently we aren't playing shows live, however we do let audiences watch our jams, latetly the jams hve been smaller and acoustic due to lack of my own place. This will change very soon. I plan on posting most of last years jams, and the year before. Also some from earlier this year once I edit and cut them. Hope you enjoy what's there for now, and there are Red Bungie shirts and hats for sale!