Dark Carnival - new album

The Fear Incorporated Dark Carnival Album Will be released in June of 2014

Encompassing twelve dark songs telling the story of a travelling troupe of weird and vicious freaks and geeks terrifying towns and innocent folks everywhere they take their brood of monsters and dark uncanny creatures..

Are you willing to take a journey into the heart of darkness?

The Dark Carnival album will be available on Secret Sin Records and will be a CD in special carnivalesque packaging.....

The album will be available directly from the record label and also from the official Fear Incorporated website.

A digital release will follow a little later after the CD.

Fear Incorporated release new Phobos album

Fear Incorporated released our new album on digital download and CD on November 1st 2012. Featuring members of the Sex Gang Children the album is themed on phobias and fears. Buy the album from Manic Depression Records on CD or on digital download from all the usual webstores. www.manicdepressionrecords.com


OUT on November 1st on Manic Depression!!! FEAR INCORPORATED « Phobos » Ref MD023 Theatre Macabre-Deathrock (UK)

http://manicdepressionrecords.com/ http://fearincorporated1.fourfour.com/ Manic Depression is proud to announce that the new FEAR INCORPORATED album, « Phobos », will be available in Digipack CD on November the 1st , and in digital download through all the legal download platforms (Itunes, Spotify, Amazon…etc) Formed by Cam Campbell formerly from the legendary death rock Gothic band 'Sex Gang Children' and William Westwater from Cyberpunk band 'Sensory Savage.', FEAR INCORPORATED fuses different types of styles to portray a selection of stories which will feature elements of the macabre-real and unreal, past and présent… Terror talks...it learned its vocabulary from Fear Incorporated... http://fearincorporated1.fourfour.com/news

Fear Incorporated debut release in Dec 2010

Fear Incorporated the new theatre avant garde band will release their debut album 'Sawney's Cave' on Plastic Frog Records this December.

Find us at www.myspace.com/fearincorporated , youtube, Horrorpunks, Reverbanation and Facebook.