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Hi Friends, I would like to talk with musicians and fans, generally, about my music, and yours - of course. I would know what you think about it. The specifical question is: everywhere I listen electronic keyboards solist instruments, like sax, guitar, violin, etc I ask to myself "How is possible that mucians dosn't like really play only their instrument, when there isn't possibility to collaborate with other real instrumentists? Why they prefer to simulate the solo on keyboard?" I don't like it. Cause the result is very very bad, for the listeners; and this is one of the most important reason why people generally get discouraged and go away for many artists. The result is very negative and counterproductive. I play piano and keyboards, and I prefer not to use simulated sounds, for my conviction. It's a problem that affects the dignity of each musician: the technology is a good thing, but it can also produce bad effects, and degrade the contemporary music. I think this, and I'd like to know what you think about this. Hello, my dear friends, I hope that the question is not silly to you, why isn't.

Towering Tunes
Towering Tunes  (over 5 years ago)

I do not think it is a silly question.I understand your feelings about this.I also love to hear a real piano or guitar too or a group of players working together with their instruments.There are some good aspects though about the newer technology too and for many it is the way for them.People can be very creative. Personally I enjoy all the many ways to create sounds and rhythms. A single acoustic piano or guitar or other instrument being played well will always be a true and pure joy! My ears will always enjoy the beauty of a song being performed live like "A Moment With You".

Salvatore Maresca Serra
Salvatore Maresca Serra  (over 5 years ago)

@Penny Towers Wilber
I have not problem to enjoy of music generally, and I'm shure that creativity has a way to communicate in all the possibilities. But I have some doubts: the first is that a musician can resist the temptation to isolate themselves, and this is bad, the second question is that listening to these synthetic sounds can be very negative educational for the younger generation, they may misinterpret the meaning of music making: the relationship with the real sounds and real instruments is important, and must protect it. The inspiration comes from the same physical relationship with the various instruments. This, in jazz, is crucial.

Towering Tunes
Towering Tunes  (over 5 years ago)

I think with jazz the learning and playing of real instruments is very important as you pointed out.
The world is too rushed it seems to me sometimes.We need to take more time for some of the special, older ways.