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From #2 to #9 quick fall! But that's ok...

Wow! That was fast! From # 2 to #9, but that's ok! I was # 2 for a really long time, and it was all of you who believed in me and supported my music. Though I've been kinda absent, you still liked and supported my music. I am highly appreciative and it's been and honor and I humbly say a big Thank you! Good luck and Gods speed to those above me now. You all deserve it more than I. You all are younger than I am. I had a great run from back in the early1970's. I wish you great success. And that goes for everybody here on Reverbnation! I'm not giving up, music will be a part of my life till the day I die! So you will keep hearing from me still. Please keep visiting this old rocker (55 really isn't that old). I pass the torch to you...

A negitive experience

The music industry has changed so much in the last 30 years or so. It seems harder and harder to get recognized. Back in the day, when you had a record release it really meant something! Playing concerts was an awesome experience all around. it was an event people still talk about to this date! My record release was quite some time ago now, with vary little sales. I appreciate the ones who did buy my music, and the few internet radio stations who played my music. Thank you so much! I was talking to a young work mate about my music for sale on the internet. and right away he spoke of these sites where he could download my music for free. I got upset with him and I called him a pirate. Than he looked at me like I was being an asshole! I wonder how often our music is really being pirated?! I don't believe anymore, that you can make money anymore without battling this somehow. I knew about this problem for a while with pirating music. And how hard it pinches the artist. I believe that's what I'm feeling. And it has a physical and an emotional effect. All the work gone into a product and nothing. it's like the time when I went out to have a few drinks, only to come back and find my Gibson guitar and my 1967 Fender Mustang and all my records stolen. Need I say anymore. I'm disenchanted and disillusioned with the music industry as it is right now...

The raw meaning of Christmas

As everyone is getting ready for Christmas, all the hustle and bustle and running around. When it's all said and done, just remember it's real meaning. The hope that's in a child born in a manger long long ago. Who was born to die on that cross for us. It's a sentence He took in our place to make us truly free! And to live forever! Now is that hope?! Or what!.. Have a great & safe Christmas everyone! And a prosperous New Year!

One of my favorite recording programs

If you've never heard of Sonoma RiffWorld, It's a must to check it out! Not only a great community of musicians, (as is ReverbNation), but the recording program is great! It's called Riffworks Standard. It's got all that you need to make a CD worthy recording. All the effects you can think of. And the drums? They are all real drummers you can manipulate in time signature, tempo, intensity, it's just incredible! Not only can you record by yourself, you can also collaborate in real time! I just thought you would be interested in what I use to record with. Check it out for yourselves! You won't be disappointed. Thanks. Here's the link;


Cellar Dwellers
Cellar Dwellers  (over 7 years ago)

Hey Tom! I got the free Riffworld T4 version downloaded. It uses my POD X3 Live as the sound card. I have been tinkering with it and hope to get it figured out soon! Keep it real! Ken