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First Full Week

Well its officially over and TGIF.... The first full week of the year 2011... I hope your new year jump off has been better then the last one ended... "plan today doit bigger than I ever did... get attention from these b$#%es like special kid.." It's friday and I got to attend a video shoot tom and sat in dwtn Dallas,TX.... I can't wait to see Mike J make it... I gone be right there with him... oh yeah by the way we got a show on the 30th of January at the new hangout by TCU- The Aardvark-.... Congrats to TCU on the Rose Bowl Victory and welcome back to school event....

Crazy Days

How about this... I done some how got a screw head stuck in my finger.... ain't that ridiculous... how clumsy you gotta be to have that happen... I can't even begin explain what the situation... Life as I know it has changed, hell I can't even grip a microphone.... Myk G the Handyman..lol.... I gotta go to a show tonight with the Definition DJ's in Arlington, Texas at The Bijou Lounge 2301 N. Collins... "You ain't doing nothing with yourself anyway...." come on out and check it out.... holla i gotta go to hospital