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murder meat

hello, new song on my page - "murder meat"!

it's one of the songs of my new album "a ptful smile", that you can get on amazon and elsewhere. please lend me an ear!

best, seven

new album

released a new album as mp3 and cd: " a pitful smile". invite you to listen to the starter "bright side of the night" here on reverbnation!!

your words

new song on my list, my friends: "your words". it's another little prayer of seven's on the road meditations. hope you'll enjoy it!

song for kurt

Kurt Why have you done it Maybe i’m not allowed to ask Because there is no answer

Who could know Whether it has been for the pain Or your disappointments The pressure of the masses Your your private hell That you pulled the trigger

The reason why i still ask Kurt Is you have been more Than the misfit You’d liked to think of yourself You have been able To touch me With your nightmares Your doubts Your deep aversions Because i recognized My own abysses In your songs that screamed it all out

Why have you done it Kurt I’d like to know how You’d like to think of yourself now Twenty years later More accustomed to the pain

I’d know you better Kurt And maybe it would be unimportant What has tortured you then What you’ve screamed and maybe This ist he answer To the question I‘m not allwed to ask

49 channels

some good news: you got an new song to amuse yourself: "49 channels". it's my tv-song and maybe sarcastic, but it's also true. i use my own channels every day & look forward to your comments! seven

sweet street


got a new song from outside: "sweet street". it's about a real road in the city i live in. sometimes i go or drive up an down there and i think, it's a good place to be. i wanted to save this feeling in a song. hope, you will enjoy it, my friends!


there's no home

released a new song named "there's no home". musicians have no home but the song. maybe we can find a home in the hearts of the listeners. for me music always has been the fixed point in my life,. like a good friend it has always been there, and i could live inside like in a warm house. hope you can stay there for a while.


finally finished the mixup of "catalogue". it's a rocksong, played acoustic with a folky feel. so it's folk rock the other way round - from rock to folk. there will be no hard version.


wrote a newsletter these days: "workshop book 1". more parts will follow, because i work on an album called "daydreams and nightmares". if you want to read the newsletter without subscribing the mailing list, send a message.

dust and rain

enter a new musical style now. for "dust and rain" i recorded the instruments unplugged by microphone. added some effects, of course, but not more. hope you like it! coming soon!