Shannon Wright / Blog

Find your Purpose

God give us talent that lines up with pure purpose. Always use your talent to sharpen it. Education yourself with knowledge about you passion. I believe Purpose will manifest. Music + Teaching + Loving People = My Purpose (not what others think)

Today Matters

You can do anything about yesterday ands tomorrow to not promised. Make today count to make a better tomorrow. "Life long Learner"

Follow Your Hear

Your heart knows what it wants to say. It knows the song it hears and would like to share with others. Stop looking for your sound through other people's opinions Just listen to your heart! Fine the Authentic you.

My Philosophy

Music should always tell a story that pulls it's listeners into the plot. With or without vocals at the end of the song I want you to feel like you have been somewhere. "KEEP CREATING"

Supporting Others

It is good to take the time to support the work of others. You just might find a new favorite or get inspiration for your next hit.

Take the time to let them know what you think of their music a new found friend is a fan for life. God Bless!