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Why I wrote Mancrush

There are many great artist and I am not taking away from any of them, but Gram Parsons was and is one of the most important figures in my country or folk music background. What I can say about Gram that I can say about very very few people is that I idolize him. Gram has been in heaven for almost forty years now and his music, love of music and ideology of music still pulls at my heart. I am a 49 year old hippie with a lot of bumps and bruises of my own, but I can still get weepy hearing Thousand Dollar Wedding or Brass Buttons (The sun comes up without her, it just doesn't know she's gone..). I know Mancrush can sound a little silly when you listen to it, but it was written in all sincerity. I wrote Mancrush in the present tense because for me Gram and his music are as alive today as they were for thousands of people in the sixties and early seventies. I was too young then to know what was going on around me, but I know if I had been a little older I would have found Gram sooner in life than I did. His duets with the beautiful and extremely talented Emmy Lou Harris are unforgetable. Every one I know that owns GP or Return of the Greivous ANgel say they are the single most well performed, well written albums ever. So this song is for you Gram and thank you for your vision!