NEWS Sept. 2nd 2013

Just a quick blog since I haven't blogged in a while. 1- reorganized the music videos. We can only put up 100 so I had to "thin out the heard" so you can watch some that maybe you didn't see before. Go to my youtube page for all of them.

2. I have teashirts now! 3 different very cool styles. So cool in fact I would wear them :) and so would my imaginary boyfriend. Get yours TODAY!

3. Still looking for shows in 2013. Hit me up- maryamelsherif@yahoo.com

Hard to believe it is September. It's more like June or July in Kansas City. Stay cool and don't beat anyone up today.


MARYAM now has an upgraded SOUNDCLOUD page. Listed under Maryam El-Sherif, you can find some of my VERY LATEST music and the kicker... FREE DOWNLOADS. Yummm! Check it out TODAY!


Be sure that you subscribe to Maryam El-Sherif on youtube so that you don't miss a single music video! 2013 is full of unreleased material , new songs, new videos of old never before heard tracks and all sorts of exciting stuff!

Maryam's Random thoughts on music

............SOME OF MARYAM'S RANDOM THOUGHTS ON MUSIC..............(scroll down to read) " The definition of popular or "pop" music seems to be that music which the majority of the people can stand or find palpable, like bad airline or cafeteria food. Barring vegans or other dietary anonimalies (like me) a large group of people can be reasonably fed for a short period of time without a major riot or "food fight" . Just like the popular kids in school it is non -offensive ,politically correct, cute, attractive , pleasing to the eye and ear but psuedo-"edgy" so as not to seem "square". So what is "Pop-punk" and isnt that an oxymoron? Isnt the very goal of punk rock to deconstruct piss off and innovate? And what constitutes punk? Thats a whole blog in an of itself. Suffice it to say punk is an attitude, a way of life and being. of being true to yourself- and your own deconstruction and reconstruction- if you conform to every strictute and expectation of what it is to be a punk... are you not being a conformist and therefore not a punk? In one of my favorite episodes of SOUTH PARK the boys recruited one of the goth-outcast kids to join the dance troupe. All the goth kids refused except one. He stated something to the effect of " Im so non conformist that I am going to rebel against your non conformity and join this dance troupe "So pop punk is punk rock turned on its little pink girly ass...At its best--- at its WORST it is the Chips- a- hoy cookies singing and dancing or the chipmunks doing Blondie.

But I digress...Why is it that everyone seems to complain about the lack of great music when there are thousands of great bands out there ? There IS great. music out there... innovative.. original .. exciting stuff. But if you are expecting to hear it on the radio as Elvis Costello said in "radio radio" ..."to anethetize the way that you feel" that is the mission of most radio- it is NOT the soundtrack for enlightening or expanding the mind ...It really is at the heart of it ....to help you f-k people you would not even LIKE very much other wise let alone love (like cheap booze) , or feel hip and cool when you are not hip and cool at all (like bad fashion), Or fill your ear temporily with something close to satiation (like bad empty calories). It is the soundtrack for driving to a job you hate... going home to a place you hate.. living in a town you hate...etc. and being perfectly content to do so. And dying slowly... like living a little bit far from a nuclear reactor. GOD SOMEBODY SHOOT ME IF I EVER MAKE THIS KIND OF MUSIC! I would rather a handful of people be nutz for my stuff and it speaks to them than everybody just sort of likes it. ..Maryam Elsherif