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Tabloid Trash june may 2013

So 2013 is starting off better than 2012.With a change in direction or more like a push of the envelope to challenge our peers and ourselves,People can be scared to be themselves but we're not.So like most we're writing songs of love and loss,of hopes and reality's..corny yes but you can't write about what you don't know.Why write about fake stuff..you'll get busted cuz folks aren't stupid but most musician's think they are,,well not us you won't catch us lying about what we don't know or haven't experienced...thxs Tabloid Trash June 1st 2013

Music's a tough bizz,!!!!

thing's go up and things hit bottom,everything ,from chicks to friends to cash to love,but if you think about it ,it's all part of being a Artist..yikes if only someone told us earlier we could have saved up more money for the hard times,no rich parents here,kicked out @ 17 yrs old and never looked back ,but inthe end you know it's the funnest thing you've ever done....Viva Le Rock \m/\m/ TT

Showtime in the North

Well we're on our way to record in Portland Oregon next month in July when the rain stops finally,we can't.we'll be at Infinity Studios Recording in SW Portland.It's a great looking studio with all the comforts of home so,we'll be right at home with cold beers in hand and a hangover or two..look out Portland we're coming in.!!!!!..thxs Tabloid Trash

Tabloid Trash in 2012

Wow what a very weird -profitable and hard last 2 years for Tabloid Trash-Tab's never believed in ownership of anyone or thing-you just got roll w/the punches of Music and life-we've added new members and played some great shows, those who were there kudos to ya-those who had to cruz,bless ya.Everyone can expect Exciting new sounds from Tabloid Trash in the coming year,and if the world blows up before we get there than cheers to all--thxs Tabloid Trash

times and fights for Ideas...

.A lot of times we think that there's no more new inventions to showbiz,whats been done is done,,but bring back and old concept w/a few more twist's and turns we think is just what the doctor ordered.We can't wait to have our video Idea's up and on stage w/us this spring,for our shows all year,,give the audience a breath to breath and a eye full to watch...lets face it,people want more that to just look @ people on stage,they want to interact w/the band,,so thats whats coming from this year,,,,,Tabloid Trash.USA