1. Practice, practice, practice. This can save time and money in the studio. 2. Fresh drum heads are a plus. 3. New strings for guitars and bass a must. If you can get your guitar set up prior to recording, this is a plus. 4. Use your equipment or ours - it's your choice. We have all kinds of equipment available but if your unique sound comes from your gear, have it in good working order and we will mic it up. 5. How much material? How much time? This is the hardest and most confusing thing to determine in any recording situation. Everyone works at their own pace, the band and the engineer should be flexible - this can be discussed before or during the session. For example; One song in an 8 hour day is pretty standard. But this is often dependent on genre. Time tip; If you're trying to shop a recording for a big deal, do not attempt too much material. If you're just tracking for demos you can do as much as you like. Time = Quality. 6. Please think carefully about inviting friends, fans, or roadies, additional people in the studio are distracting for the band and the engineer. Their presence rarely contributes anything helpful.

.Located in the deep woods of Cheatham county means artist and bands can crank it up without fear of police and neighbor interruptions. spacious live tracking room and control room makes it very "at home" feel ,just what you want when putting down tracks.and at DDS we never charge by the hour so you dont have to worry about time,we will get it done the way you want it with what we got.www.reverbnation.com/ddsstudio