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Live in France!! World Tour (apparently)

I found out today from the rabbit hole that we're doing a gig in france with SENZA FIRMA on 1st of December. This is brilliant news. Sadly though, I have no band to play there. Oh well, I'm sure they're great guys and if you live in Toulon France go and have a look-see. M.

DoYaWannaGoFasta Trivia

Factoid of the day: Did you know that the bass on DoYaWannaGoFaster was actually recorded by spon.... well. you do now.

Band History.

The big bang, and the formation of the basic sub-atomic particles. Their formation into Hydrogen, the expansion of the universe and the destruction of the first generation of stars in which the chemical elements were made. The formation of the solar system and earth, the cosmic bombardment and the primordial soup which formed basic amino acids. DNA replication and the rise of single celluar life. Plants. Sea Creatures. Insects. Dinosaurs. Several mass extinctions and the rise of mammals and homo-sapiens and their migration across earth. War, art, science, mathematics and internet pr0n.... these are just a few of the necessary historic events of the first 13.75 billion years of our universe that are about to culminate in our first band practise.



Just to update everyone on the alberto frog mission. The current lineup is:

Martin (all the actual music so far). Lead guitar, lead bass, lead synths and lead drum programming and production.

Musicians who may hopefully one day contribute some stuff:

Spon: 2nd Lead bass (a trusty 1984 westone thunder with fresh battery) and supporting vocals for "was macht spon?". Nathan: Owns an actual guitar and likes harry potter a bit too much. Vickie: supporting vocals and dressing up like britanny spears in the videos.

Extra band members:

Kenny - wants to learn the lead saxophone. Su - in charge of pink lead guitars, lead makeup, lead handbags and lead shoes. Tony "Ting Ting" Lobo. Lead electric triangle (prototype has been designed). Jeremy from the Library - Lead electric stick (whatever that is). DJ Sparkles - Lead electric stylophone. Kevin P. - in the band because he feels no pain. Rory, principal lead bagpipe conductor. Reverend Wole, in charge of all ecumenical matters.

New band members always welcome. Ability to play anything is not a requirement.

Sausage mission complete!!! and new band mission.

The mission to sausage my way into double figures has now been completed (26/04/2010). Thanks everyone!!

The next task is to amass the largest rock band in human history so that I can complete a lifetime dream of being alberto frog from bod. Applicants can be dead or alive and ability to play anything is not necessary. Please send submissions via reverbnation messaging system (or my email if you know it) with a name/nickname and (and this is the important bit) an amusing band role. e.g.

Rory, Principal bagpipe conductor.

Applicants will get to guess the flavour of my next drink.

Elvis Costello mission complete!!!!

Update: Mission completed on 23/04/2010 BWOS is at 103, Elvis at 107. Beer was drunk.

Mission Title: Elvis Costello (active) Reward: A free beer for anyone I know. Description:

To get a higher chart position than Elvis Costello. Elvis regularly used to get played instead of my favourite bands on Top-Of-The-Pops when I was a kid and I view this as a simple act of revenge. I would like to point out that Martins Bizarre World of Sound has nothing particular against Elvis Costello. He is in fact a proper musician. Rick Astley or Bros would have much been better... its just that Elvis is still in the charts.

There is a blog

which I have set to buzz mode. Like my guitar.